Get Hands-On With These Amazing DIY Projects

Whether you are the creative type, or you want to decorate your home cheaply, there are many reasons why it’s a good idea to get to grips with DIY basics. It’s a great way to give your house a fantastic personal touch. And once you get good at our craft, you could even start making cool pieces to give to your friends and family and Christmas and birthday presents. So which DIY projects can you get hands-on with even if you don’t have much experience? Here are some of the best.
IKEA Flatpack Furniture

If you have ever put up some drawers or a cupboard that you bought from IKEA, you will already know some of the very basics of DIY. After all, you will have had to spend considerable time assembling the item and screwing or nailing it all together. If you have never done and DIY before, this is the one project I recommend you starting out with. Simply buy some flatpack shelves and you will see how easy it is to build them!

Create Your Own Wall Prints

Do you remember when you used to use potatoes as prints at nursery? Carving the vegetables creates fun shapes that kids regularly use to print and paint with. Well, how about using this technique on your walls next time you are decorating a room? It can certainly save you a lot of money that you would have spent on buying prints and stencils. You can use different vegetables to create different shapes. Just remember to not use finger paint this time!

Make Your Own Doll House

Feeling ready to get extremely crafty? Then why not have a go at making your very own doll house. This could be a great gift for one of your younger cousins. If you don’t feel confident enough to make something quite so intricate, have a go at building a Wendy house or a tree house. A building firm, such as George Hill Building merchants, could sell you the materials fairly cheaply. As Wendy houses are a lot larger than dolls houses, you’ll find that they are easier to make, and you can cover up any mistakes a lot more.

Make Your Own Clothes

If you don’t have the right skill set for building small items, you might have the know-how to make your own clothes. This could save you a fortune in shopping! Start off with simple projects, like knitting scarfs and gloves. Then, once you have honed your skills, you can build up to knitting your own jumpers and sewing dresses. You will find plenty of online designs that have lots of information regarding details and patterns. For cheap material, visit your local seamstress.

Make Your Own Tea Lights

Got some ramekins that you hardly ever use? Fill them with coffee beans or coloured stones and place a small tea light in. There you have it; gorgeous bespoke tealights! You can fill the ramekins with anything decorative at all. Just make sure that it isn’t flammable!

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