Weekend trip to Windsor

This month has been a month of two halves, starting off quite calm - now these two weekends are full of adventures. This weekend being a weekend getaway to Windsor - somewhere I've always wanted to see but have never done. The two hour train trip took it's toll but I think that was simply because it was getting late and I was already tired. Once in Windsor though I was amazed how close together everything was.

The reason for the visit was for the Saturday, to take part in the Super Obstacle Rush at the Windsor race course, which was just down the road - could have walked it - but was easier to simply jump in the taxi. The fun run itself has 35 obstacles spread over a 5km course with music zones, foam - just lots of fun. It was one of the best courses I have taken part in I think. Sponsored by Capital FM. 

The views from the course travelling round were beautiful and luckily the sun was shining too! You could see the river cruises (something I would love to do) and the track - obviously - and the constant flow of aeroplanes passing over head. Originally the race course was the Royal Hunting Ground. 

Back in the centre of Windsor the castle stands tall and can be seen for miles. Unfortunately there was not time to visit inside the castle which was sad - but considering the recent hype following the new TV show Victoria on ITV I can imagine this castle will be receiving a lot more visitors. The castle alone will be my reason for revisiting in the near future hopefully - I can imagine around Christmas Windsor could be a very beautiful place. The shopping centre full of the classic shops as well as some lovely unique stores and gift shops with cobble paths making for a classy old style theme. We stopped off for a dessert trip to creams - home of waffles and sundaes galore! Seriously so yummy - I had to leave some otherwise I was going to be ill from eating too much. 

Overall the trip to Windsor although it was very short it was a wonderful stay and like I say I would totally come back to visit again.

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