Guys Urban Challenge 2016

Another year, another go at it.

Guys Urban Challenge is truly something else, it makes a change from the fun runs and now obstacle courses. It gives a chance to be on a bike - something I do really like. Even if my hips and bum say otherwise, honestly the seats are so uncomfortable!

The weather was against us when we first arrived, leaving me in a really nervous mood. Luckily though it soon cleared up and after signing in and a quick warm up and pep talk.we were ready to go. Unfortunately I did my ankle in during the run which made it a struggle but kept going, until the bike - I guess it's a 'nice' change for the chance to sit down. Well maybe for the first 5km til the seat hurts your backside. 

By 15km your legs are dying and now you have to attempt walking across the street, into the hospital and up 29 flights of stairs. Safe to say it took a while and my legs may never forgive me! Such relief to reach the top - all the volunteers were amazing, such wonderful spirits was such a joy to be part of that atmosphere once again. 

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