Christmas Gifts and Stocking Fillers That Your Man Actually Wants

With Christmas around the corner, you might find yourself looking for some gift ideas. Sometimes the standard socks and a book can be a little dull. I much prefer to give more exciting and thoughtful gifts. They are more exciting to give, as you can see a genuine reaction when they open it. It is more exciting for the person you are giving the gift too. It is much nicer when you know someone has genuinely thought about you and what you might like. Have you made a start on your Christmas shopping yet? If you haven’t, then you do still have quite a bit of time. Here are some gift and stocking filler ideas, for the man in your life. I hope you find it useful.


For some, clothing could be a tricky gift to give. But if you know your man’s size, then it can be fairly straightforward. You could get them a coat or some new jeans, for example. Accessories are always a good idea too; like a hat, scarf, gloves or belt. If you are unsure of what to get for casual wear, though, then think about specific things. If they wear a suit to work, then you know a shirt and tie could be useful. If they train at the gym a lot, then some mens hoodies wouldn’t go amiss. If they are a keen runner, then some running shorts or equipment would work.  


I think most of us, our men included, would enjoy receiving a gift that is related to technology. If you have a larger budget, then it could be a new smartphone or perhaps a console or tablet. If your budget is a little smaller, then there are still options. An e-reader is a good idea for keen readers and makes a nice change from a conventional book. There are lots of different fitness related tech that you could get your man too. A Fitbit wristband might be a good idea or a Nike watch. So just think of your man and what would work best for him, as well as your budget.

An Experience

Though having some physical things to open is fun, there are plenty of things that you can’t unwrap. Giving the gift of an experience is quite an unusual gift, but it will make such amazing memories. It could be an experience of driving their favourite sports car or having a ride in a hot air balloon. It could even be something like skydiving if it is on his bucket list.

Shaving Equipment

For something that man have to do nearly every day, it is always nice if it can be made easier. Some fancy new shaving equipment can be a great stocking filler to give. It could be a new razor, aftershave or lotions to soothe their skin. If your man prefers to grow his facial hair, then a beard trimmer might be a better option. Still, a useful gift that you can give, though!

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