Give Yourself The Best Start To Your Day With These Energy Boosting Tips

Whether you are a parent or not, getting enough sleep is hard to come by. Many of us fail to get the amount that we need each night (that extra episode on Netflix was just too tempting). So when we wake up, we can feel drowsy and groggy. Not the best way to start the day! It can keep you in a rushed and bad mood all day. But is there any hope, other than just going to be bed earlier? There are plenty of ways to make sure that you can feel energised each morning.


For some, getting up earlier and going for a run is not an option. If it is, then great. But getting your blood pumping is great to give you a much-needed wake-up call. Some adrenalin will get you going for the day (or at least just the morning). So think of things that you could do at home. How about some yoga or pilates stretches after getting out of bed? It will give you time to focus and wake yourself up properly. If you are feeling extra energetic then a quick run up and down the stairs, or some sit-ups, would do the trick.


Be sure to have a glass of water in the morning. It is best if it isn’t ice cold either. Then it doesn’t give your body a shock. Adding some lemon in there is a great idea to naturally detox too. Once you have hydrated, then you might need a bit more of a boost. So think about a green tea or even a cup of black coffee. If you’ve got a coffee maker at home, then it will make it easier to get your caffeine fix. It can be a nightmare when it breaks, so make sure you have some La Marzocco spares at hand. I know many of us would be lost without a cup of coffee before we head off for the day!

Use Essential Oils

There are plenty of essential oils that can help you to sleep at night. Think about lavender or jasmine for starters. But are there any that will help us to feel more awake? Peppermint is the best oil to use for this. If you have therapeutic grade peppermint oil, then you could use it to sniff first thing in the morning. If you wake up with a bit of a headache, a few drops can be rubbed on your forehead. Failing that, use a peppermint body wash, toothpaste, or chewing gum. They can help to wake you up first thing in the morning.

Have a Soundtrack

It is amazing just how much music can affect our mood. So having music playing can help to energise and put you in a good mood for the day. Think carefully about the choice of music, though. You want things that make you feel uplifted and happy. So avoid anything too heavy or slow. You want to feel energised in the morning, not sad or depressed.

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