I'm Sorry

I will admit I have been very absent recently from the blogging world, I have been attempting to build up my social media channels instead - and also been juggling work, uni studying, building a craft biz and general life. 

The problem with falling out of the rhythm of doing things is that the blogging world changes very quick - often I take breaks to reevaluate priorities and I come back everything has changed, the way stats work, how to be top of your game, major PR events take place, general life of friends once made have changed. You end up coming back and feeling very lonely indeed. Twitter no longer is filled with flowing conversation but just plug after plug of various websites and past posts. Instagram full of promotions and over edited pictures that leave you feeling very jealous!

My aim for this month is to get my first assignment of the year done and sent of then time to catch up with blogging - there are a few events I have attended recently that I need to write up about, I am continuing to build social media channels. 

Everything else you can find on my facebook - HelloWandererUK

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