Lets go to Kidtropolis

Kidtropolis was a family fun event, held on 25th, 26th & 27th of October 2016 (so half term) at the ExCeL in London. You could book a 4hr session, either in the morning (9.30 – 1.30) or in the afternoon (2 -6pm) there was lots of hype for this event in the run up. 

A fun day where you could meet optimus prime, see the my little pony bus, be a nerf warrior - and play games to your hearts content. We travelled from the South East oh I do love high speed trains, but due to off-peak times we didn't actually get to the venue til gone 11 so we had already missed out on most of the first session (but we had tickets for the second for we were doing half and half). 

Upon arrival we got our wristbands and headed in, don't get me wrong it was busy compared to the size of the hall, it felt like there was too many people. I saw a lot of people complaining about queues online and yes there was for the 'big' things such as obstacle course, bus, golf. 

So to start we went round the stalls just to see what was actually about - stopping off at playmobil and the remote control toys for a play. Yes I guess most would say - well you could do that at home but we liked seeing the new toys. We then went to visit the Marine Conservation Society stall where we spent AGES exploring the table and then listening to one of the guys talking about animals and the sea. It was fascinating and interactive.

We then decided to head out into the rest of ExCel to find something to eat, as we had tickets for the afternoon session as well. So had a lovely treat and the chance to chill out and make a plan for afterwards. Time soon passed and we went and queued back up and went in for the second time - we went straight to the obstacle course where we went through twice and the helter skelter before there was any queue what so ever. Then got a picture taken with an angry bird, went of the miniature train - and got a lovely goodie bag from big jigs with some lovely freebies inside. We had a play at the playdoh table and got to take home our creations!

We then headed to the transformer truck for a picture with Optimus Prime and for the first time that day we queued to go in the van next to him. We had a play in there before deciding to call it a day - by this point it was probably about 3. So we headed back to the tube and went and took advantage of the offer they had in place to ride the cable carts for half price (which scared me - me and heights don't go together) but I am glad we did it, it made a lovely end to the day.

Would I go again? Yes, I get it wasn't for everyone and not everyone had a great time and I could see that. We were quite luckily in our timings and wasn't so interested in some of the more popular stuff - but I think for a first time this event has ever run they didn't do too bad. 

*We were offered tickets in return for this review  - this does not affect our opinion in any way though.

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