Multiple Home Renovation Projects - Which Do You Do First?

So, your house.

It's great having a house.

It's your domain. Your territory. No one can tell you what to do with it (except for the occasional planning officer, admittedly). You have your choices, your style, your little sanctuary.

And your own mess.

That's the one downside of not renting. If you have a problem or decor that you despise, then no one is going to fix it for you. It's on you; your problem. And that bit of being a homeowner? That's not so fun. It's a lot of responsibility.

It's also, frequently, multiple responsibilities. Decor doesn't begin to look tired room by room on a rolling basis - it's cruel how it doesn't play ball with that. Like the painting of the Forth Bridge, the desire to update and improve your home is a task that never ends. Except sometimes, you can find yourself with four different Forth Bridges wanting your attention.

"Now, self," you say to yourself, because you know it's totally fine to talk to yourself. Or, so you say anyway. "There are four different things you want to improve. You know you need a new bed and a new lick of paint in the dining room. You know that you need a new ensuite and as a result are full of bathroom design ideas. You know the kitchen worktops need replacing. And yes, the ceiling in the hall does need painting. Again. How does it get so dirty...?"

So you know these things, or areas like them even if they're not a specific match for your home. It's a situation we all find ourselves in: multiple projects we want to attempt and only time to do one of them. So which area should you invest your time, money and effort into first?

1. Which Area Needs It?

This is an important distinction between need and want. Need would be fixing problems with mould, furniture that is broken and similar. Want is more an improvement on decor you feel is tired but has another year in it.

2. Which Area Do I Use Most?

If the above doesn't make it clear - or you find the answer uninspiring - then look at the frequency of use. If you're going to be investing a huge amount of time and effort into an area, you want to be able to enjoy it. So your living room and kitchen are prime places to consider as they are where you will spend a lot of time. The bathroom is similarly important, while bedrooms and studies can go to the back of the queue.

3. Which Can I Afford?

Redecorating a small room like a spare bedroom or bathroom is cheaper than going for a big change in the kitchen. If your funds are limited, look at which tasks you can accomplish without compromising on quality. It's better to save up for bigger, more expensive alterations to other areas than try and do them on the cheap. Take the money you do have and improve a smaller area or one that needs more changing, then look to future projects.

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