Stressing About How To Get The Most Out Of A Small Sized Garden? Don’t Worry, I’ve Got The Answers!

Have you just moved to somewhere new and are totally in love with your new home? Apart from one aspect of it, that is - your garden. Is your garden a little on the small side? If the answer is yes, don’t stress - there’s a lot that you can do with a small sized garden. Believe it or not, with some smart thinking and out of the box ideas, you can make a small sized garden into a beautiful and practical space. It’s just a case of getting creative.

To help you make the most of your small sized garden, here are some handy hacks and ideas. Implement these, and you can transform your yard into the most amazing space.

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Be smart with your planters

It’s no secret that the key to creating a beautiful garden is greenery - the more luscious your yard looks, the better. The only problem in a small space is that you don’t want to use valuable space simply for planting bushes, flowers, and other plants. So, you need to get creative and find ways to fill the space with plants and flowers without using up all of your floor space.

A great way to do this is by using vertical planters. All you need is a wooden trellis, some tin cans, and some pot hangers and you can create a beautiful vertical garden. Between each plant pot, you could also grow climber plants, such as jasmine or climbing roses. Or, how about creating a piece of wall art out of a tray and a selection of mini plants? Fancy growing your own produce? Then, perhaps you could try inverting them and growing them hanging from a wall or area of your home?

Hang mirrors

To give the illusion that an area of your home is more spacious, you use mirrors. So, why not do the same in your garden? Pick out some outdoor-safe mirrors and hang them strategically around your yard. By doing this, you can make your garden look and feel much larger than it actually is.

Be inventive with outdoor buildings

Just because your garden is small, that doesn’t mean you can incorporate outdoor buildings.

For example, instead of adding a full sized shed opt for a mini version that takes up a quarter of the space of a normal design. This will give you somewhere to store any gardening items, without taking up too much of your precious outdoor space.

Or, say you’ve always wanted a greenhouse but don’t feel like you have enough space. How about investing in a lean to greenhouse that goes against the exterior of your home or a garden wall? This would give you a greenhouse but wouldn’t take up too much of your outdoor space. Plus, lean to greenhouses, likes those review by, bring in more heat. This is because the heat reflects off of the wall that they're up against and back into the greenhouse. This makes them more effective for growing healthy plants and flowers.

Separate the space into zones

Another useful hack for making the most of a small garden is separating it into zones. To create the sense of a larger and more practical space, add areas of decking or patio - it doesn’t matter how small these are. These will make the space not only look and feel larger but will also make it more practical. You can pop an outdoor table and chairs on one area of decking or patio, and use it to eat outside in the warmer summer months. Adding separate zones to your garden will make it much easier to make the most out of the space.

Just because your garden is a small size, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it into an inviting, practical, and interesting space. It’s just a case of getting creative; that’s all.

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