Think You're Ready To Move In With Your Partner? Read This First!

After you've been in a secure relationship for a while, you'll start to notice the questions incoming from family and friends. Marriage and babies is a hot topic for anyone who's being over inquisitive in your personal matters. But the one thing you'll find yourself being asked time and time again is 'so, when are you moving in together?'. Some couples move into each others homes after they haven't been dating that long, whether it's an official move or just an extended sleepover. You might find that this has happened to you. Your boyfriend stayed over at yours for a few nights last month and, well - he never really left! But at some point, you may want to think about officially getting your own place together. It makes sense to do so, especially if one of you is paying rent on a property you barely live in. With that being said, it's not a decision that is to be taken lightly. Moving in together signifies an important step in the development of your relationship, and you need to make sure that both of you are ready for it. Here are a few things to consider before you take the plunge and set up a home with your significant other.

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Is it what both of you want?

The first thing you'll both need to do is have a full and frank discussion about whether you should start living together or not. If one party thinks it is a little too soon, don't press the topic. It's always better to wait until both of you are truly happy to move in, to ensure a happy and harmonious home life. Maybe you live with your friends and aren't ready to leave that female camaraderie just yet. Or, perhaps your boyfriend is very close to his parents and wants to stay at home for a little longer. Whatever the situation, as long as you both know you're still serious about each other, there's no need to rush a move in. It's also absolutely vital to consider both your finances when it comes to putting money into an asset like a home together. You both may simply need a bit more time to save up, so don't feel pressured to move immediately.

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Are you going to buy or rent?

This is a difficult decision to make in the current economic climate. Renting allows you flexibility in terms of where you live and therefore what job you have. But on the other hand, you will be financially better off in the long term if you buy as soon as possible. If you do both have the money to buy, it can be tempting to spend hours searching Rightmove for your dream property and putting an offer in straight away. But before you do this, stop and think. Taking out a mortgage together means that you are both financially tied. Should anything go wrong, one party could end up without a home to go to.  Generally speaking, it's always better to rent initially, just so you can get used to living together. Most city-based flats and houses are run on a six month or a year basis, which should be enough time to allow you both to get used to sharing a home. Renting also provides you with the flexibility to move around and pursue your career in different locations. You may also be convinced that you want to live in a flat, but after renting one for a while, you may long for a house with more outdoor space. These early stages are all about trial and error, so consider renting for a year to see what works for you.

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How are you going to orchestrate the move?

Found a property you are happy with? Congratulations! You may think that now the hard work is all over, but unfortunately, it's just begun. Both of you will need to bear in mind that you will be sharing storage in your new home, so sit down together and decide who is going to  bring what. For example, there's no point in both of you bringing all your kitchen utensils, as that way you will just end up with two of everything - and no one needs two kettles! Make a list together about what you will bring and what needs to be chucked out before the move, as it will only take up space. When you hire a removals company such as Herts & Essex Removals & Storage Ltd, you will be able to access professional materials such as large boxes. So, it can be worth packing all your things together so you can determine what items will actually make the cut.

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Will you be able to adjust to life as a couple who lives together?

There is no doubt that the nature of your relationship changes when you move in with your partner. It's incredibly exciting and fun - of course, who wouldn't want to live with their best friend? There is also something incredibly homely about coming home to your significant other every evening. But at the same time, you may find that you argue more and that you discover little habits about each other that you weren't aware of before the move. The important thing is to look at the bigger picture - yes, your partner may be a bit messy, but does he cook you a delicious meal nearly every night? Try your best not to snap and discuss things with your partner in a calm and rational manner if there is something which is upsetting you. It's also important that you retain your independence despite living together, so make regular dates with your friends and try not to spend every single night cooped up together. If you are a naturally solitary person who needs some of their own space, consider choosing a property with a second bedroom. As well as being perfect for having guests over, it can be a great option for when you just need a bit of 'me-time'. Every couple is different, of course. But plan your move wisely and you are sure to have a great experience of living with your partner.

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