Three Ways To Revitalise Your Home

Despite moving into a lovely new apartment/house, it’s very common that things can quickly become stale. That is not saying that your home is getting mouldy! It’s just that sometimes change is required to keep things fresh - and more importantly, keep you satisfied with your home! Of course, you can make your home individual right off the bat when you move in, but over the years this initial uniqueness can fade. Here are just a number of ways you can change that and ensure your home is fresh after the move!

New Furniture:
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Many rooms are neglected in the furniture stakes during the timeline you’re in your house. People usually opt to buy bespoke pieces as a statement for the rooms that often house guests. This can often mean that rooms like the study or even the bedroom are forgotten about. It’s important to ensure that all the rooms inside your abode make you feel happy, there should be no off-putting room in your house.

A simple fix is to simply add a new lick of paint to the walls or even just to move the furniture around. This can give any room a ‘brand-new’ feel and is worth the time and effort if you are even just slightly unhappy with the layout or dynamics of a room.

The next step is to add new furniture. If you’re unhappy with your bedroom, you need to change it. That mattress on the floor may have seemed pretty ‘chic’ at some point, but a time comes when it depresses everyone! Ordering some new furniture, in this case, bedroom furniture, is a simple task that can revitalise a room. It’s worth considering.

Stop Hoarding:
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Minimalism is kind of cool, but it’s not for everyone. Some people love displaying memories and collections. That doesn’t mean you need to hold onto plush doll #3476 that your Auntie got you from Prague.

If things mean nothing to you, get rid of them. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have vast and booming spaces to store things, and if you don’t have space, it might be time to ask yourself what you don’t want anymore.

A simple check and log of everything in your house is good, but take it a room at a time. Magazines, old books, old clothes can all go if you want. This can freshen a room, but more importantly? It gives you space and the room to move forward!

Add Meaning:
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A lot of homes quickly become showrooms and honestly, that’s not a bad thing. What you should try to do, though, is make your house an honest representation of you. If you’re into travel, get some maps on the wall. If you’re into Buddhism, get a Buddha and burn some incense. Make your home a library of you! This tip links in with the last quite well; Get rid of the meaningless and install the meaning. It’s very easy to get started with this, after all, you know you best!

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