Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like It's Taken Straight From A Luxury Hotel

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Do you ever find yourself stopping a beautiful hotel and wishing that your home could be like it? A good hotel is the epitome of luxury. Spacious bathtubs, sleek and minimal design, beautiful lighting and soft, fluffy towels and robes. But why only experience these things when you’re paying a premium rate for a couple of nights? Bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom at home. It’s easier than it sounds. So, if you enjoy the finer things in life, just consider some of these decoration and design ideas.

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Bath Tubs
Bathtubs are the centrepiece of the bathroom in a luxury hotel. If you have the space at home, consider having a larger tub installed. Clawfoot baths are a traditional, standalone design with beautiful form. Alternatively, you could consider a round tub as opposed to the classic oval tub. Added extras can include jacuzzi jets.

Countertop Basins
The majority of households have sunk basins. Make your bathroom stand out with counter top basins at Drench. Unique designs made from quality materials exude elegance and classic style. It will give the room an alternative look which will draw nothing other than positive attention.

Heated Towel Rails
Every bathroom needs towels. Nobody wants to make a dash across the landing to the airing cupboard in an attempt to quickly pick up a towel without being noticed. But you also don’t want them piled on the countertop. Towel rails are an effective solution: it gives your towels a designated space and allows them to air out and dry properly. Heated towel rails are perfect for the winter months. Just think about it, slipping out of a steamy shower and straight into a toasty, cuddly towel.

The lighting in bathrooms is often limited to natural light during the day, then bright light or no light at night. This isn’t very flexible and makes the bathroom more difficult to relax in. Lamps aren’t an option, as they pose a safety hazard and bathrooms don’t generally have standard plug sockets. Candles can create a relaxing atmosphere if you’re taking a relaxing bath. But they can blow out easily and the wax can also make a mess. A solution to your lighting problems? Have new lighting installed. Request a dimmer switch. This means that you can change the level of lighting according to your mood and needs. Spot lighting is also effective, as certain parts of the bathroom can be lit while others remain darker.

Stand Alone Showers
If you currently have a shower within your bathtub, consider having a stand alone shower installed. Standalone showers have a more sleek and minimal design. They take up less room and add a touch of sophistication to any room. A standalone shower will also mean that you no longer need a shower rail and curtain around your bathtub. There will be less chance of your bathroom flooding, as the unit is enclosed and secure.

Colour Scheme
A colour scheme can make or break a room. Avoid clashing colours, brightly patterned papers and busy designs. Stay as neutral as possible. If you want brighter colours, use accessories such as bright towels, toothbrush holders or soap dishes.

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