Avoid The Post-Christmas Meltdown By Getting Your House Back In Order

Ever look at your house during and immediately after the festive season and wonder exactly when that bomb hit you? Children's toys, wrapping paper, fairy lights and boxes tend to litter the floor during once the carnage of Christmas has died down. The time between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve tends to be a time where many of us continue to see family and friends whilst we are still off work. But, it is also the time for a mass clean-up and a time to get our homes in order again. After all, no one wants to enter the New Year in a messy house. Spring is all about new beginnings, so use the few days after Christmas to bring order to your home again - as difficult a task as that may seem.

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Food and drink

Going over the top is a natural part of many people's Christmas celebrations. After all, it only comes around once a year - so why not make a big deal out of it? Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of leftovers when it comes to food and drink. Some you will simply have to throw away if it is easily perishable. But an easy way to get rid of your leftovers and to make good use of them is to make a meal plan. Chances are you'll probably have a great deal of turkey left over, so consider making a stew or a curry with the meat to feed your family for the next few days. Nuts and chocolates can also be eaten for a good few weeks after the big day, so store them in a cupboard for when you and your family fancy them.

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If you have children who have received a lot of gifts over Christmas, you will probably struggle to move for the number of toys cluttering the floor. It isn't these toys which are the problem, though - it's the older ones that they won't play with anymore. A lot of kids toys are very age specific. So if you can't find any room for the new additions that came this Christmas, you might want to think about throwing out some of the older toys. Always mention this to your children first, as kids can get very attached to toys. But, it is unlikely that your seven-year-old is going to be interested in a toy aimed at a four-year-old for much longer. If you find that your have a lot to throw out in one go, you may want to hire a skip from a company such as Bristol and Avon Group.

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Christmas is a great time to recycle, whether it means using leftover food for compost or disposing of wrapping paper and cardboard boxes. Go through your home room by room and pile up all the different pieces of rubbish into their relevant recycling boxes. Usually, you will find that you have more than your bins will be able to handle - so you might want to consider taking a trip to the local tip or garbage center. Soon, your house will be essentially back to normal, and you can go into the new year feeling calm and collected.

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