Don't Know What To Do With Your Home? Give Your New Apartment Some Je Ne Sais Quoi!

Are you thinking of giving your home a makeover but you don’t have the finances? Or you are renting, so you can’t change the place too much, or you’ll really struggle to get your bond back! If you have moved into a property recently and it’s the first time you are finally branching out on your own, then congratulations! It is a lifetime of freedom, bliss and not needing to wait to use the bathroom in the middle of the night! If you are renting, there are things you can do to give your place a bit more of that je ne sais quoi and still be within your budget!

Create More Of An “Illusion” Of Space
Holding soirees and dinner parties are a wonderful way to enjoy your evenings, but if you are limited when it comes to space, then you can give the place more of an illusion of being larger than it is. Remove tables and chairs, but also put mirrors on doors to maximize that illusion. As well as these, use your corners. It is amazing how many people choose not to put anything in the corners of their room (apart from a TV).

Have A “Talking Piece” In The Main Area
If you are looking to maintain a sense of class or decorum about your parties, having a talking piece in the living room, or areas where people tend to congregate will promote discussion between the guests. It could be anything, art, sculpture or a movie cell. Generally, the trend for minimalist art is a good talking point, because it is open to vast interpretation.

Dress Up!
Not yourself, but using items to present standard things in a new way will rejuvenate the area a bit more. For example, use old lampshades as curtain holders. Or you could use doilies to cover up the waste baskets in the bathroom!

Get Down The Charity Shops
Image result for tea set
There are so many things you can get in charity shops that are not only wonderful but also cheap as chips! It is a very popular pastime of students to try and find a little nugget of treasure because they are so cheap! You can find clothes, glasses, tea sets, decanters, lampshades for your bedroom, and even board games. Having so many charity shops in one area is a blessing and a curse because you could spend all day in one!

Create An Ambiance
It’s like a restaurant, the perfect ambiance will make an evening a success or a failure, regardless of the food! If you wish to convey a sense of class during a dinner party or wish to make it more intimate, you could invest in antique lighting restoration to repair an old lamp you may have purchased from a charity shop, or you may want to use more candles to put across a cosier atmosphere. It’s all in the ambience!

Choose Your Music Wisely
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Having the right music will help your guests to unwind, or to headbang! So finding the best choice of tunes to play will help guide the night where you want it to go!

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