Primp Your Property Ready For Selling

When you’re selling your home and are all set to move somewhere new, the last thing you probably want is to put more money into the old one. After all, you won’t be around to enjoy it! But actually spending a little time and money before your house goes on the market is one of the best things you can do. Your home is likely to sell quicker and for a higher price too. Which is always a bonus, no-one wants to be sitting around waiting for their property to be taken off their hands!

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If you’re in a hurry, there are sites which will buy homes in any condition and give you cash for. 'Flying Homes' is one of the more popular websites where you can get a cash offer for your property. This can be useful if you need to sell your home quickly. However, if you’re going to go down the traditional route and don’t need the funds immediately, here are some of the ways you can improve your property so that it’s not sitting on the market for longer than necessary.

Make It Feel Clean and Fresh
A bright and airy home which feels clean and spacious will appeal to buyers. The first way you can go about achieving this is by decluttering and deep cleaning. Remove all personal trinkets and put them into storage ready for the new property, you might love them, but they can prevent potential buyers from picturing themselves in the space. Keeping out a couple of plants and general accessories such as a mirror, clock and rug will help each room look homely without being too personal to you. Making sure everywhere is spotless and smells fresh is another important step. Smoke, pets, and general stale odours can massively put off buyers. If you have carpets down, consider hiring a carpet cleaner like the Rug Doctor for the weekend. You can hire them from most supermarkets, and they’re extremely powerful. Finally, painting the walls is also a good idea. Choose a light, neutral shade which will turn your home into a blank canvas- something buyers will be looking for. It will also make everywhere look clean, fresh and appealing.

Tackle Unfinished Odd Jobs
Even minor repairs such as chips and cracks could knock a huge amount off the value of your property. It might not be an expensive fix, but buyers will assume it is, and may worry about having to spend thousands on repairs. This, of course, will be reflected in a lower offer price (or in some cases, no offer being made at all). Making your home look ‘move in ready’ is critical since buyers will pay more for this luxury. If they’re walking around seeing lots of things that need fixing or repairing they’re not going to want to pay for this on top of what you’re asking. If there are any projects that you’ve started but not finished, ensure these are put right before your house goes on the market. If you know, there are minor repairs that need doing, sorting them yourself will work out much cheaper for you overall.

Think About Kerb Appeal
Finally, how your property looks on the outside is something to consider. This is the first thing buyers will see when they come to view it, so you don’t want to be putting people off before they’ve even set foot in the door. Pull out weeds, sweep up leaves and litter. Tidy the front garden, and pressure washer drives and paths so they look clean and neat. You could go a step further and add a new door mat and hanging baskets to the front door, for a welcoming appearance.

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