Ready For Romance? Make Valentine's Day Matter In 2017

For many, Valentine’s day is a day that comes far too quickly. You haven’t had time to relax from the feverish last-minute Christmas shopping that you already have to find another perfect present for your darling. It is not uncommon that the best restaurants or hotels for a romantic weekend escape are already taken by then. But don’t panic: This year, you can start planning now to surprise your partner with the ultimate Valentine’s day present. Here are a few ideas of what to prepare now, so you don’t have to worry in February.

A DIY Present Says More Than An Expensive Perfume

You know it already: Everything that you do with your own hands has more value than all the items you will find in a shop. Why, you ask. Because it is something in which you have invested time, dedication and a lot of love, which isn’t the case of anything on a shop shelf. Besides a DIY card or present is completely individual: You know that your darling will never see it elsewhere on the market. It is unique, and it is made entirely for them. If you are running low on the DIY skills, don’t worry. There are plenty of DIY cards that are easy to make and demand only a little time to turn out looking fantastic. You don’t need to be an artist: All you have to do is to sit down at a table and get your colouring pens, your scissors, and your bottle of glue at the ready. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can craft loving memories, such as a DIY frame of your best pictures together for example.

Surprise Your Darling With A Romantic Trip

If you are not a DIY enthusiast, there are other ways to make the day special, such as planning a romantic weekend away. The longer you can keep the destination surprise, the better it’ll be when your partner finds out! A simple message can leave a lot to dream about, such as “Pack warm socks. I’m flying you away for the weekend x” Naturally any destination is romantic when love is in the air, but the top three favourite places for couples are: Venice and its beautiful canals, Iceland and its inspiring northern lights, and Paris and its renowned charms. What are the Northern Lights, you ask, and why are they romantic? The Northern Lights are ultimately electrical particles from the sun colliding with each other as they enter the atmosphere. Described like this, they may not sound very impressive, but don’t be fooled. The display of bright green and blue lights in the sky is a magnificent sight that illuminates the night. Your darling will be mesmerized as you walk in the snow hand in hand.
The Unbelievable Aurora Borealis by GooKingSword
Take The Big Step
It’s no wonder that Valentine’s day breaks all proposal records every year. It is the day of love, after all, and it’s often the day couples choose to ask the big question. So, make the most of it: Dive into your darling’s eyes under the Northern Light sky or at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower and ask the big question. There is no need for a big restaurant reservation for it: Just surprise them with a romantic gesture and let them know that this is how you want the rest of your life to be: Together, travelling hand in hand.  

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