The Cake that made Christmas

Have you finished the Christmas shopping yet? Are all the presents wrapped? Is your day planned out? If you have answered 'NO' to all those questions then don't panic - because Christmas isn't just about all that it is about family, it's about spending time together. Why we get ourselves into such a state I will never know but I am guilty of it every year. 

I personally am a terrible baker, but I have done lots of homemade personalised gifts this year - baking cookies could have been a lovely extra, maybe next time. Whitworths – known for their baking, and healthier snacking products – have come up with a plan to get the nation baking together this Christmas. Which I think is fantastic, and they have even released a beautiful story about making Christmas cake and reinforcing that importance of family! It's one of those stories that leave you all warm and loved inside.

Whitworths wants you to #ShareTheLove with your Christmas bakes, it can be the 'official' Christmas cake featured in the book which you can find the recipe at the end of the story or below - but not feeling christmas cake? then why not share any of your Christmassy bakes, there are some wonderful ones already on there.

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