Your Next Career Path May Surprise You...

If you aren’t happy with your career prospects, the coming of the new year marks the perfect time to consider a change. Being stuck in a dead-end job isn’t only going to scupper your work-life balance, it’s going to demotivate you, and if you let it sap your strength, you’re going to be stuck in a role you aren’t happy with.

A better role might add more meaning to your life, but it will certainly lower your stress levels which in turn is good for your health.

In fact, there are a number of benefits to a good job. You’ll clearly be more productive, motivated and thus successful in a role you enjoy. You’ll enjoy the benefits of higher self-esteem. You might even enjoy better relationships at work and in your personal life! There might be no better feeling than rolling out of bed each and every morning and looking forward to your day job.

It might be that 2017 is time to seek a new, surprising and fulfilling career path. It’s to time start winning in 2017.
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If you’re a caring person, a switch to care or work in the health industry may be for you. Bettering other people’s quality of life is a great way of ‘giving back’ and adding meaning to a job role. Each day won’t be about yourself and clocking in, and clocking out. It will be about others and working your hardest to make sure other people are comfortable and happy. It can be hard work, but it’s nothing if not fulfilling. For more information about roles in healthcare, click here. It could be anything from nursing, to support work, to working in a retirement home. Each role in healthcare will certainly give you a few unique stories to tell!

If you feel like you’re not achieving enough in your current role, the city may be calling. Despite the reputation of the job role having tanked in the past decade, a role as a trader might be what you are looking for. It’s obviously a high-pressure job role, and there will be times of intense stress, but when the stakes are high, so are the rewards. If you thrive in a pressure cooker, this is the role for you. If you are good with numbers, a position as an accountant might be less stressful and just as rewarding. There’s plenty to consider!

If you’re not comfortable with your skills just yet and own a bicycle or motorbike, a perfect quick fix to your career could see you as a courier for part of 2017. There are a bunch of self-employ opportunities around, and it could be a great ‘role between roles.' Even then, it may turn into a lucrative full-time position if you find the right work.
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Writing could be a passion for you and if so, you might not want to look past your words for your next role. While becoming an author is going to take an intense amount of dedication and care; there are plenty of opportunities to work as a freelancer. You could be writing about your passions for a blog or even take to copywriting adverts and campaigns for clients across the globe. Similarly, if you’re into art - you could draw your way to a good living. Selling your artwork is a good way to start, but if you’re into graphic design, you could find a path forward creating for clients on a freelance basis. Make sure to build up a portfolio either way.

You may have skills left over from a bunch of career paths that haven’t left their mark on you and it’s for this reason that you might consider becoming a teacher in the new year. Depending on your experience, you could see yourself going straight into a role - but it’s likely you’ll have to retrain. It’s worth it as well, as most teachers are jubilant with their jobs!

Right now? It’s the perfect time to step back and assess your coming year. There are hundreds of new, and different career paths to try and even if your choice for 2017 doesn’t work out, it’s never too late to start again! Careers most certainly aren’t for life in the modern age, and you could very well find yourself in many different roles from now until your retire. The important thing to remember is to not chain yourself to a job and position that doesn’t satisfy you; this isn’t a good formula for an enjoyable life. There are plenty of options out there for training, so it might be time to take the plunge. It’s going to be scary, but will you regret not doing it?

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