2017 Goals

a So we are one week into 2017 already and nothing drastic has taken place, so I call that a win in my books! but It has given me a lot to think about though, and this year I want to make something I am proud of, so I have 3 main themes for the things I wish to achieve by the end of 2017. I don't think I'm asking for too much, hopefully I'll be able to share some good news at some point.

1) Save

I want to be able to actually have 'savings', my aim in to put minimum £5 a week into a pot that is on my shelf which is new for this year - then loose change will continue to go into my other pot which I did last year and used that towards Christmas. The £5 yes will only give me £260 in the end, but I am hoping at the end of some months I maybe able to chuck in a bit extra and birthday and christmas that most of that money will go straight in the pot. 

2) Create

People that have followed me online for a while will know that I like to get a bit messy and crafty from time to time and last year I started making some custom pieces to friends and family. I am hoping this year with a bit more thought and planning I can make a little bit of money off of my creations.

On another personal level I am hoping to get back into my photography a bit more my poor camera has been neglected for a while now, so I hope that changes - obviously better weather would help so I can get out a bit more.

3) Learn

For this year I want to be driving - I want that freedom and obviously the whole savings element from earlier will be much help getting a car sorted. 

Also being in my second year of university I would love another successful year but I am struggling for motivation. After the christmas break is always a hard one to get back up and running again but hopefully it will just take a little time and organisation. 

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