4 Reasons to Turn Your Day Trip into an Overnight Stay

Once you’ve explored your local area, the curious minds among us usually begin looking up exciting day trips. Whether you’re travelling by bus, train or car, the day trip has a lot of benefits, allowing you to see a new area without having to travel huge distances.

However, spending just the day in a new place can have its disadvantages. You can often feel rushed, for example, and attempt to cram so much in that you don’t get to appreciate the area as much as you normally would. There’s also the fact that you miss out on any night time activities by leaving early, so here are four of the best reasons to turn your day trip into an overnight stay.

Pub culture

The UK’s pub culture is world renowned and while some pubs are open in the day, many of them really come alive at night. With a busier crowd and a livelier atmosphere, take the time to visit some of the country’s best establishments when you extend your day trip into the evening.

What’s more, no two pubs are the same, so there’s sure to be one to suit you. Why not try a haunted pub in Hertfordshire, a gastro pub in London, or one with plenty of history in Kent? No matter what your favourite tipple is, you’re sure to find a pub to keep you busy once night time rolls around.

Taking your time

Another benefit of turning your day trip into an overnight stay is that you don’t have to march from museum to museum or sight to sight. Tourism isn’t about ticking places off a list - it’s about really exploring them while getting to know the culture and the people.

If you choose to stay overnight, you grant yourself so much extra time as you don’t have to do your return trip until the next day. This means you can soak up the atmosphere and wander around the town or city at your own pace.

Image from Miguel Mendez
Moonlit landmarks

Even if you aren’t a big nightlife person, it’s worth staying around after the sun sets because places simply take on a different vibe at night. Cities feel different under the moonlight and it’s worth taking the time to appreciate this if you can.

Also, while many cultural landmarks look fantastic in the sunshine, they look amazing in a completely different way at night. So next time you’re on a city break, grab your camera and you never know, you may just see some old landmarks in a totally new light.

A good night’s rest

The final reason for swapping your day trip for an overnight stay is the fact that you get to enjoy different accommodation. Whether you end up staying in a hotel, hostel or Airbnb, an overnight stay brings a different dynamic to a trip. It just feels like more of a holiday.

There are other benefits too, from hotel buffets to meeting new people. So next time you’re exploring a new city by day, remember there’s plenty more to see by night as well.

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