Classic Children’s Toys That Encourage Creative Play

Once upon a time children were satisfied with a set of wooden blocks, a small doll or a couple of board games but now they're bombarded by adverts for electronic toys, downloadable apps and the chance to play online games with their friends.However, new research shows that children, once again, are embracing wooden toys, building blocks and even fuzzy felt so why not treat them to a classic toy that’ll give them countless hours of imaginary play?

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Remember those interlocking bricks that you played with when you were little? Well, they’re still around albeit in a slightly different more modern incarnation. Lego is now a global powerhouse, with Lego theme parks all over the world but the concept remains the same. Founded in Bilund, Denmark, in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen Lego is now worth, on average, 5.4 billion pounds and produces not only bricks, but also architecture models and building kits. You’ll find Lego on anything and everything from Disney, Star Wars, and Harry Potter to Cityscapes, Elven Lego and Marvel comic book heroes.

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Dolls House

Every little girl should have the chance to play with a proper, classic dolls house at least once in her life. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it should have removable furniture, at least two levels and come in a pretty, pastel color. Dolls Houses come in a range of shapes and sizes as well as being available in both plastic and wood. Some have figures included, and others are sold with the dolls available to buy separately. Don’t feel as if you must fill the dolls house up straight away, although a few pieces are needed, that way you and your daughter can enjoy finding lovely pieces and Dolls House Accessories together over time.

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Dressing Up Box

Oh the joy of the dressing up box! Where many kids are pirates, policemen, sailors, ballerinas, princesses and knights, or they have been for at least an afternoon. New props can be easily, and cheaply, bought in pound shops and charity shops or you can add in any old clothes or jewelry you no longer wear but you know they would love to play with. Why not have a dress up box swap every once in awhile? That way all the kids get to enjoy new props for free, and they can play together, without feeling jealous little Katy always seems to have new tiaras and wands or that Rob’s got Star Wars lightsabers that light up and make real firing noises.

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Remember the feeling as you squeezed soft, brightly coloured clay against your fingers? Play-Doh is the ultimate creative toy as you can build and destroy as many times as you like as well as having fun with a unique, squidgy substance. Set your kids up in the kitchen, pop down some newspaper and rediscover your inner child as you create make believe worlds together. Remember, try to keep an extra close eye on little ones as Play-Doh has been eaten quite a few times over the years, been stuck onto furniture and even gotten matted into long hair.

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