Deeply Moved: How To Know When You've Found Your Perfect Home

Is It Within Your Budget?
First and foremost, you have to make sure that the house you’re looking at is within your budget. No matter how much you love it, if you get yourself into financial problems for a new house then you will find that you regret it sooner rather than later.
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Is It In The Right Area?
Remember that in the long term, the area is almost as important as the property itself. You need to ensure that it’s in a good school district if you have kids, and that it’s near any amenities that you might like to use on a regular basis, like a gym and a good grocery store. If you commute, you should make sure that the property is close to transport links. As beautiful as the house might be, it probably won’t feel as beautiful if you have to trudge for half an hour to the train station every morning! You should also check crime statistics for the area – if the house seems surprisingly cheap, it might be for a good reason.
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Can You Picture Yourself There?
Being able to picture yourself in a house is the number one reason that you should buy it. When you’re walking through its rooms, you should be able to imagine your family in there. Look at the way that the family already living there has their possessions set up for ideas – or if it’s a new property like those created by Milwood Designer Homes, you can use the space to imagine how exactly you can fill it with the furniture that you already have, and how you can change it to suit your own family.
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Does It Meet Your Family’s Needs?
Even if the house is beautiful, that doesn’t mean that it’s the right property for you. There’s a lot of hand waving that you might do when you buy your new house – who cares if there aren’t enough bedrooms? You can convert the attic. Does it matter that the back yard’s tiny? There’s a park nearby. Who cares if there’s only one bathroom? We can make a rota in the morning. The truth is that you should have a short list of non-negotiables which you require from your new home and if the house doesn’t meet enough of them then you should move on and find something different.
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Do You Trust Your Intuition?
The most important thing in almost any life situation is to trust your intuition. At the end of the day, your gut feeling is the best way to judge whether a new home is for you or not. If you get a bad feeling about a house, then trust it – there might be something wrong with it that your subconscious has picked up, and you might not enjoy living there in the end. Likewise, if you feel warm and happy and at home when you enter a house then you should strongly consider buying it even if it isn’t perfect in every single way.

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