How To Design Your Living Space From Start To Finish

There are many areas around the home that can be exciting to design. Some are more intricate than others, and some require more thought. Regardless of your favourite room or where you’d prefer to start, you can often find it hard to know what you should do with your home. If that’s the case when it comes to your living space, you’re going to need a little inspiration. Not only can you use these steps to guide you through the process, but you can start thinking about how your space should look and feel when it’s all finished to get your ideas flowing.

Find Your Vibe

The very first thing that you’re going to want to do is work out what kind of design them you want to work with. You might love a more modern style, classic romantic or even minimalistic. Either way, you should figure it out and fast - it will form the basis of your choices from this moment onwards. When you know what style you like and want, you can start planning the overall decor.

Pick A Colour Palette

When you’ve got your style in mind, you can then take on one of the hardest tasks - the colour scheme. No matter how many times you think you’ve found the perfect colour, more often than not, you’ll change your mind. So, it can help to work with a colour scheme and identify it early. That way, you’ll know what the overall space will look like and be less likely to stray from your choices.

Look Down

With your colours in mind, you now need to sort out the other big background feature: your flooring. When it comes to home decor, you can often miss the importance of flooring. Just like your walls, it makes up a huge part of your design scheme. So much so, that the type, colour and texture that you choose can often decide the vibe of the entire space. So, you’re going to make sure that your flooring choice counts.

Add The Assets

Then, you can start to think about furniture. You might already have pieces in mind and that’s okay, but if you, you’re going to need to search for items that work with your overall design theme. It’s important that you choose wisely here, you’re going to want to make sure you love each item and that it will last. You can find interest-free furniture and pay weekly sofas at most of the major high street and online stores to help you spread the cost of making such a big purchase too.


Finally, you’re going to want to make sure that you add the finishing touches that count. The colour, style, and texture of a room doesn’t always come together until things like the soft furnishings and accessories are in. When you start to dress the room, you can transform it into the comfy living space of your dreams. It might take a little time, a pop of colour and a good eye for style, but you can definitely work wonders on the very last step.

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