Keep Your Home From Becoming A Pigsty

There’s nothing more infuriating than a messy home. Whether you’re running a household full of a children (and perhaps some of them are of an adult age), or you’re living with a group of students at university, the pain is exactly the same. Being the only person, unless a few others help here and there, in the flat or the house who actually wants the place to be clean and tidy can make the whole situation even more depressing.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to live in a pigsty anymore, and you don’t have to keep nagging your friends or family to keep things tidy. Perhaps you’re the person who’s always nagged to keep things clean and tidy. Whatever the case, there’s an easier way. Here are some handy pieces of advice to help keep your home actually looking like a home.

The reversal technique.
Yes, I know it’s important that a home looks “lived in” for it to truly feel like a home. However, there’s a difference between a home looking lived in and looking as if it’s just been burgled. If you want to see the difference, then consider the reversal technique. If you, or anyone else in the house, uses anything, then make sure everything goes back into place afterwards. Reverse things back to the beginning.

If you eat a bowl of cereal, put the box back in the cupboard afterwards, wash your bowel and either take it out of the dishwasher later or leave it to dry. Either way, ensure it goes back in the cupboard later, and there you go; you’ve reversed what you did, and everything is exactly as it was. Seems a bit obvious, doesn’t it? Well, I can tell you from experience that I always forget to keep things clean if I ignore the reversal rule. Such etiquette might not bother your student friends, and I know ‘adulting’ is boring, but try to help them turn these things into a habit.

Clean away food immediately. after eating.
This is a massive pet peeve of mine, as I think it is for most people. However, we’re probably all culprits of it. At some point or another, we’ve had a lazy night, or been rushed and tired in the morning before work. On such occasions, we’ve committed the worst crime known to man: leaving plates out. Yes, whether you’ve left a dirty plate out in the kitchen or in your bedroom, you’re creating a huge health hazard in your home. You might think you cleaned most of the food off your plate, but even a few crumbs here and there can start to attract insects. This becomes less of a problem about clutter and general messiness around your home, and more about the unpleasantness of encouraging an infestation of insects or rodents.

If you do have a pest infestation, it’s probably best to get help from an expert such as Youngs Pest Control, and avoid any potential continuation of the problem. You might find that you don’t clear out all the rodents the first time and that they just return again at a later date. Still, there’s an even better way to avoid all of this; just clean your plates after you use them and put them away. If mess doesn’t bother you, then maybe mice running around your apartment or your home will. Tell that to your flatmates or your kids too, if they’re the ones who are the culprits behind this mess.

The mountain of laundry.
We’ve already talked about dealing with problems as they arise, but laziness can be a killer in more subtle ways. What starts off as a couple of a t-shirts in the wash basket can quickly become a mountain of smelly mess, which only becomes noticeable when you open your wardrobe doors to find the entire thing is empty.

Regular washes are the key here. Of course, it’s a good idea to save money and the environment by reducing the amount of… well, everything we use. However, just doing small washes here and there to keep the mound of unruly clothes from growing into an unmanageable size is important, because nobody wants to see that mess when they come through the door (especially if you have guests over). In fact, nobody wants to smell that mess, so perhaps the stench will send the message home to your family or friends if they just aren’t ever getting their laundry done.

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