Moving On: Is It Time to Invest in a New Home?

Whether you’re a young adult who’s still living with their parents or someone who’s inherited a house that’s too big for their needs, you might be considering moving out of your current property in favour of a new one. There are many reasons that you might want to move out or invest in a new home, but not all of them make sense.

For example, if you feel like your home is too big but the mortgage has been paid off and you want to start a family with your partner, then it might be worth the added effort of managing a large house to stay put for now as you wait for your children to be born. However, if you’ve just been promoted and your boss has offered you a new job, then you might want to pack your bags, get the removal van ready and head off to start your new life.

Here are a couple more examples of times that you should really consider investing in a new home.

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You’re expecting a family

If you live in a dinky studio apartment with your partner and plan to have children, then do yourself a favour and start looking into a bigger house. You never want to bring up children in a cramped environment because they’ll be too embarrassed to invite friends over and they’re going to need their privacy. When they’re still small you can afford to live in a studio apartment together, but when they get older you want to give them their own room.

Breaking up with a spouse or a partner

If you’re going through rough times with a partner and want to move on, then that’s a good enough reason to pack your bags and move on from this chapter of your life. While you might also be saying goodbye to local neighbours and friends that you’ve made, it’s worth moving away from your existing home to clear your head of all the memories that are holding you back from making progress in your life.

Needing more space away from family

If you live close to your relatives then you might understand how frustrating it can be when they invade your privacy or invite you over several times a week for dinner and entertainment. Getting space away from the family is a legitimate reason to move away because you might want to make friends and hang out with non-family members or get some peace and quiet with your own family.

You received a new job offer

When a new chapter opens up, you’d be wise to seriously consider it. A job promotion or offer that promises more pay, more benefits and a more attractive location should never be shrugged off. Consider if the benefits outweigh the negatives and you might find yourself looking forward to starting a new life with your family in another city or even a country.

However, if you have children, you should never neglect their well-being by forcing them to switch schools at an important moment in their lives or to force them away from the friends they’ve made. Always consult your family before an important move, and accept that you might need to resort to long-distance commutes or renting another property if you want to continue your job and provide for your family without forcing them to move away.

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