Quick Quirks for a Fun Home That Reflects Your Personality

Your home shouldn't be a serious and plain place, like an office. It's somewhere personal, where you should be able to have fun. If you want your home to be a fun place, it should have fun things in it. Don't be held back by the things that people say you should and shouldn't have in an adult home. When you're working on your interiors, let your childish side shine through and think of some cool quirks you can add to your home. Be creative to think of some things that will show off your personality. Try some of these features for a fun home you won't want to leave.

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Colourful Lighting

The lights in most people's homes are white, yellow or orange. While these are the best choices for most of the house, you don't have to use them everywhere. If you want to add a bit of whimsy to your home, you can consider some more colourful lights. Colour-changing GU10 LED spotlights come with a remote, so you can choose the colour or set them to change on their own. Just be careful where and how much you use your coloured lights. You want your home to look fun without resembling a disco or a brothel.

Collections of Oddities

Some of the most fun homes have delightful collections of random things. If you're a fan of oddities and quirky items, you should put them proudly on display in your home. They can include many different things, depending on your tastes. One person might have a collection that includes a deer's skull and antlers and an antique hunting rifle. Another person might have some unusual paintings they discovered in a charity shop. Make your decor eclectic and don't think too much about whether one thing matches another.

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Custom Art

If you want to display things in your home, another choice is to order some custom art. You can find people to make just about anything for you. The great thing is that you can pick something that has meaning for you and have it turned into art. Get a family portrait done or maybe have someone paint a picture of your dog. Order a print of a map of your favourite place in the world. Get someone to draw your house or just create something abstract that goes with your interiors. The possibilities are endless with so many artists available to you.

Big Kids Toys

Why should children get to have all the fun? If you want to add some quirkiness to your home, there's no reason you shouldn't have toys for yourself. There are all kinds of fun things you might want to have to play with, from remote control toys to space hoppers. If you're in a playful mood, why shouldn't you get to pretend not to be a grown up for a bit? Look for some really fun items you can put in your home for when you don't want to take anything seriously.

If you're a fun person, make sure your home reflects that. Look for ways to make it quirky and unusual.

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