Quirky Features That Will Bring Your Home To Life!

Our homes are our personal spaces; they should reflect us! So let your personality shine, display things you love and create a place you absolutely love spending time in. If your home is looking a little dull, here are a few ways to perk it up and add a unique touch.

An Upcycled Piece
Upcycled pieces of furniture are always true one-offs. You can find solid wood pieces everywhere from junk shops to Craigslist, and with some creativity turn it into a stunning and original piece of furniture. Try chalk paint, using different handles and lining any drawers with a bold drawer liner for a pop of colour or pattern. It gives you a fun DIY project to do one weekend and makes a great feature piece in your home.
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Lighting can be something that can be overlooked when people are styling their room and putting it together. But it shouldn’t be this way as lighting adds so much! It can really help tie your theme together too, for example, an industrial theme could use cool exposed light bulbs. A shabby chic theme could use a pretty wicker fixture. Plus your lighting helps to set the tone and mood of the room. Using a variety of different light sources in the form of lamps can make your room ideal for crafts, eating, watching tv or any other task you happen to be doing. You can find lighting for all kinds of styles on sites like

Statement Wallpaper
Neutrals are popular in homes, and for a good reason. They make rooms look bright and airy; they work with both modern and rustic decor styles, and they’re inoffensive so appeal to just about everyone. But to break up a neutral room, why not add a fun statement wallpaper to the main wall? It will help to bring in personality while still keeping the same fresh and crisp decor elsewhere. It could be something bold or more of a subtle print, either way, it can help to break up stark bare walls and bring a bit of homeliness in. You can get ideas for statement wallpaper from websites such as

A Loud Colour
Why not bring a bit of colour into your home? Sure you might not want to paint your walls bright pink, blue or green. But you can use cushions, throws, and other accessories to liven up the space and show your personality. We can get caught in a trap of thinking everything in our homes needs to be very ‘grown up’ and understated, but it’s your space so do whatever you want! The great thing about accessories is they can be changed by season or just whenever you get bored. Choose plain neutral walls and any colour will go with them.

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