Simple Cost Saving Tips for 2017

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Winter can be an expensive time of year around the home. During the colder months, it is much easier to rack up heating and electricity bills and this is particularly unwelcome so close after Christmas!

Here is some advice to help you reduce some of these everyday costs and give yourself a bit of extra cash to enjoy in the summer months.

Drink More Water

This is a good one for your health as well as your wallet! So much money can be spent on a range of juices, fizzy drinks, alcohol and other beverages when the cheapest and healthiest drink comes directly from the tap. It is also worth investigating the hardness of your water and whether you should invest in a water softener system. Hard water can also damage appliances and affect clothing which will lead you to incur some more unwanted costs. Check online for water softener reviews before investing in any systems.

Use a Cooler Laundry Temperature

A lot of clothes, particularly cottons, can be washed in cold water and this is just as effective at getting them clean. Not only this, colours don’t bleed in cold water so your favourite t-shirt will come out looking just as good as when you first bought it!

Learn Basic DIY

DIY seems to be becoming a lost art, particularly amongst young people as it is not being passed down as it once was. You can save so much money by doing the basics yourself, and a range of helpful videos are available on YouTube which give you a step-by-step guide on how to complete the job. Having said that, make sure you use sound judgement and don’t attempt anything that looks too difficult or dangerous!

Clear Out Your Attic

Let’s be honest - the majority of stuff in your attic are things that you wouldn’t miss if they were gone. With online marketplaces like eBay, you are more than likely to find a buyer for a range of items. Not only this, you can clear some much needed space which you can fill up all over again!

Compare Your Costs     

They are advertised all the time, but comparison websites really do save people hundreds, or even thousands of pounds a year. Nowadays, you can compare everything from car insurance, to gas and electricity bills, broadband costs to holidays abroad. Make sure you utilise these services whenever you can.

Shop At The Right Time of Year

Everything is cheaper after the event has just happened. Even though it may not feel like the time to start thinking about it, now is the time to prepare for any summer costs you may have or even start planning for next Christmas!

Write A Shopping List

Plan what you are going to buy before you buy it, as well as how much you expect to spend on your shopping trip. This will stop you making impulse buys and coming home with a bag full of things you don’t really need.

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