When All Is Done, What Will You Leave Behind?

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Whatever you were talking about as you sat down for your turkey a few days ago, I’m going to guess it probably wasn’t death. There are a few reasons I’m 99 percent sure people weren’t talking about death. First, it’s not a nice subject, second we don’t like to think about it, and third, we just want to pretend that it doesn’t happen at all. We put off thinking about death until we absolutely have to. Or, we never think about death, and that’s a problem. If you’re not spiritual, you may think that death is the end. Thus it doesn’t really matter what happens next. But what about the people that you leave behind? What happens to them after you pass away. It’s true to say that your death can affect people in different ways.

Leaving Them In Debt

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It’s true to say that a lot of people accidentally or intentionally leave their loved ones with a lot of debt and bills to pay. There can be numerous reasons for this. The first is that certain debts can fall to a partner once a loved one passes away. Thus if your husband has raked up a lot of debt and they die, it could all get passed down to you. That could happen, even if you were not officially married. Have you been living together for more than five years? Then you could still be responsible for the amount they owe. There are other debts to consider as well. For instance, there’s the cost of the funeral. That can be incredibly expensive, costing thousands of pounds. To avoid that, you can use a company like Divine Departures. They arrange funeral plans under 50 and ensure that this bill is always already paid.

Leaving Them In Wealth

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Of course, the opposite can be true. Perhaps when you pass away, you’ll leave your family and friends with a lot of money. This can be true if you have invested well and saved over the years. Usually, it happens when the death was unexpected or due to poor health. Thus, they have a massive level of savings left to pass on to their loved ones. Of course, if you want to do that, you need to make sure that you are writing a will. If you don’t write a will then the majority of your wealth can be left with the state. You don’t want that we’re sure, so you need to hire a top lawyer. They’ll deal with the legal side of this type of situation.

Leaving  A Legacy

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Finally, you may want to make sure that people remember who you were after you died. There are lots of ways you can do this. Your children can obviously be part of your legacy and continue your family line. However, if you don’t have kids, you can also think about giving money to charity. If the donation is large enough, your gift will be remembered for years, and your name will live on in this act of kindness. Knowing that you have a legacy can make the idea of death easier to cope with.

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