Wild Thing!: Camping In Wales

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Wales.  Part of the British Isles and steeped in fantastic history, this is a country worth a visit at any time of the year.  With its rolling hills and beautiful coastline you won’t be stuck for visual euphoria.  

For those of us who feel the need to let go of modern life every now and then, this is a perfect location for cutting yourself off from the world and getting back to nature and one of the most unique ways to do that is a night under the stars.

Wild camping is growing in popularity, since many families have begun to embrace the ‘staycation’ and taken over more traditional campsite venues.  For those who see camping as a way of escaping the noise of daily life and crave the tranquility of self sufficiency, the increase in noise of your average family campsite leaves you feeling a little flat.  In some parts of the UK wild camping is illegal so it is important to do your research however, with many farmers and landowners cottoning on to this new trend, it’s easy to seek permission and ensure you aren’t breaking any laws.  You don’t want to be awoken in the night and find yourself sleeping in a cell instead of a carefully chosen slice of wilderness.

It’s not for the faint hearted so to maximise relaxation perhaps spare a night to enjoy one of the South Wales spa days.  This is especially useful if your partner doesn’t embrace your passion for sleeping rough the way you do! Don’t underestimate how tough it will be, whilst the reward does outweigh the risk, you aren’t going to be sleeping on a bed of, well anything really.  The point of this trip is to go at it with the bare essentials.

Ditch the camp bed, ditch the pillows, ditch anything that offers you any kind of comfort or pleasure.  The sky is your new duvet.  You can even ditch the tent if you want.  Many wild campers, take a sleeping bag, a pan, a tin of beans and not much else.  However curling up in a cave may not be your idea of an escape from the world.  Take a tent.

What can you expect from the average night in the Welsh wilderness?  Depending on where you choose to pitch yourself, the one outstanding thing you will notice is just how noisy the quiet parts of this earth are.  At night, and without the distraction of man made rumblings, you will hear nature and just how loud she sings.  From the wind in trees to the sounds of lakes. You won’t believe how loud nature is.  Of course we won’t mention the animals too much.  Rats, mice, spiders - probably not selling in to you, however deer, rabbits and even mink can be spotted if you find the right spot.

The most outstanding experience of it all?  Seeing the night sky away from the haze of light pollution.  Stars shine their brightest, the sky is its deepest blue and you start to realise just how tiny the things we worry about are.

Happy camping!!

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