Your Guide To Travelling On A Shoestring

How do you get away from it all? The rush of life? The stress that work can bring? Some of us blast music and dance the stress away; others bury their heads in the book. A running thread is the yearly getaway, though. The big holiday that goes on in the summer every year.

The problem is, getting away can be expensive.

There are plenty of benefits to traveling. One is that you get to see new and exciting places and meet new people, the other is that you can truly escape your world bubble and explore. The issue of cost arises because any destination you need to visit is going to cost you. There are going to be recreational expenses, the cost of a roof over your head and the cost of travelling. Sometimes, the benefits of getting away could very well be outweighed by the cost of travelling.
But getting away doesn’t have to cost a bomb. If you’re thrifty and smart, you can find plenty of opportunities to get away.

Firstly, do you need to travel outside the country? If you’ve not been everywhere in the UK, there are still places you are missing out on. Cornwall makes a fantastic break and getting there won’t cost you more than the price of petrol. The suns and seas of Cornwall make it a surfing destination - especially Newquay. It’s almost like a European sun and sand holiday, but right on our very own shoreline. It’s not just Cornwall that offers an experience. North of England’s border, in Scotland - a cheap and exciting vacation can be found. The history of Edinburgh could be yours to explore and there are plenty of free attractions across the whole country. The UK’s bed and breakfast tradition means that you can find bed and breakfast accommodation in Scotland and Cornwall, which will certainly cost you a lot less than a five-star hotel.

Travelling abroad doesn’t need to set fire to your purse either. There are plenty of ways to travel on the cheap. If you avoid package holidays, you can get cheap flights across Europe and stop in many of the hostels that are dotted around European cities. This will allow you to explore the history of Europe without shelling out for over-priced hotels!

There are also opportunities to work abroad. Australia offers a working holiday program and you could live and work in a bunch of countries if you want to teach English. You’ll need to get certified with a TEFL certificate, but it could be a great way for you to get out and about in Europe and beyond.

Travelling on a shoestring doesn’t have to be hard. It might be that you have to stick to what you know in your own country, but if you’re an adventurous spirit, you can find ways to earn money and travel through different countries. If there’s a better option that cheap travel, it is travel that pays you!

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