5 Maths Activities for Kids

The 3rd of February is National Number Day! Organised by the NSPCC, the day is a nationwide maths fundraising event within schools for young people of all ages and is even supported by Countdown presenter and mathematician, Rachel Riley.

Have you ever wondered how to introduce maths ? 
Here are 5 activities to entertain your little ones:

Fishing Fun
All you need is a string, paper clip and magnetic numbers. Attach the paper clip to the end of the string to act as the fishing rod to attract magnetic numbers! Want to make it interesting? fill a bowl with tissue paper or something equivalent and hide the numbers making it a little harder. This can help begin to understand number formation.
Number Sorting
For this activity all you need is pom poms and little pots. Number your pots, start with 1,2,3,4,5 as your child becomes more confident try different numbers. Then ask your child to match the amount of pom poms to the right pot. To make this more interesting, maybe get them to do it by not using their fingers but by using a straw to suck the pom poms to move them.
Playdoh Formation
Twinkl have some amazing playdoh sheets available to download for free. These can help your child begin forming numbers by rolling the playdoh into strips and following it round, or maybe make it up with balls.
How big is it?
Most households have some sort of lego in them, a great task for developing fine-motor skills as well. By making 'towers' you can measure how many bricks an item is - why not make a note of it and see if you can find something that is 'less than', 'more than' and 'equal too' that items too. If you have enough, why not see how many bricks tall you are as well.
Water Play
This is one for the warmer weather to get outside, find lots of different size containers and let your child explore how much water certain containers hold - again children can explore the terms 'more than' and 'less than'.

Looking for activities for older children -

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