Country Living: How To Get It Right

If you love the country style interiors that you see in the double page spreads of magazines, then this blog post is for you. This style of interior is homely, and cosy without sacrificing any of the styles and good taste that is essential for a modern home.  But how exactly can we create this country house look, in our own home? Read on to find out!


Getting the floor right in your home is a great foundation for getting the rest of the room right. If you are going for country chic, you have a few different option. Wood is popular, either in the form of hardwood, or parquet flooring. Although the latter is more expensive because of all the hard work involved.

Stone is also a widely used choice, as it contributes to that country feel, and is hardwearing and easy to clean. Slate is especially in vogue at the moment to create that rural village vibe.

Of course, you can go for carpets as well when styling your home in a country way. It is best, though, to go for the plain neutral colours. As they aren't a feature that plays into the theme itself, so you want them to be as unobtrusive as possible.


Depending on the room, or rooms that you are decorating in this style you may need to think about the fixtures and fitting.

For example, in a kitchen, you will need to consider cupboards as well as white goods. White goods can be a bit problematic if you are going for the country vibe as they can stick out like a sore thumb! Solve this issue by having all fitted white goods, meaning that you country-style cupboard doors will cover them over.

Or, you can go for something that has more of a retro styling, like these Smeg fridges which are available in pastel colours. That would fit perfectly into any country style home.

Your choice of cabinet doors needs to be made carefully because they gave a lot to do with how effective the entire decorative scheme is.

Shaker style doors with slats are a good choice as they fit this theme well. At the moment muted greys, green, and blue are popular colours. But try and avoid natural pine as much as possible as this will only look dated! Especially if it is varnished.


The doors you have in your home can also help to contribute to the overall design scheme. For example, when aiming for a country style, use unvarnished wooden doors, or even better stable doors to give it that feel of authenticity.

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Furniture is important as well when you are going for the country look. Tables, sideboards, and the like should be wooden. Either natural or toned in chalk paint colours. Use solid wood furniture where you can, and avoid flat pack for a more genuine vibe.

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Soft furnishing are a little different, though. You want them to be comfortable, but you also want them to fit well in the surrounding that you have created. For that purpose, it better to go for something that is styled more in an old English way like these sofas. As they will help you get the look you are after.


There are plenty of choices when choosing textiles for this look. You can go for something like checks and tartans which will create a cosy atmosphere. Or you can go for a ditsy flower print which has more of a vintage, English elegance about it. You can even choose illustrated pastoral scenes which make the nod to vintage styling, but are a little more opulent.

A Real Fire

Of course, no country style home should be without a real fire! This is the perfect focus point for a room. They are authentic, relaxing and warming. What could be more pleasant than sitting round the fire in the winter time and reading, or putting the world to rights?

Some folks can get put off, though, because of all the work they take to set up and maintain. Yes, it is true that you will need the flue cleaned properly one in a while. But you can easily get the fuel you need, delivered right to your home by using suppliers such as Woodcall.

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Decorative Accessories

Lastly, it is sometimes the decorative touches that can really set an interior off and make your house feel like a home. For country inspired chic, choose rough carved wooden items, and fireplace accessories like scuttles and pokers. Or go for agricultural scenes on the wall in the form of either paintings or prints.

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