It's A Cover Up: Getting Rid Of Unsightly Home Blemishes

Wouldn't it be great if selective blindfolds existed?

It's a pretty simple idea, though not exactly feasible - but what a difference it would make if it were. A selective blindfold would be an item you could hand out to guests when they enter your home. Once wearing it, all those little niggles and things you didn't want them to see would become invisible.

The crack in the wall from when you slipped and it was either the wall or your ankle you broke? Gone! The marks on the skirting board, origin unknown, that no cleaner on earth has yet been able to shift? Invisible! The holes from hanging pictures that you no longer display? Vanished! Yes, a selective blindfold would make life a lot easier. Inventors of the world, get on that and get yourself on Dragon's Den.

Alas, such a product does not exist. That means for all the annoyances in your home, you're stuck with more practical solutions to hide them from view. Let's examine the classics and see if they actually work.
You’re gonna need a lot to cover this one.
A Big Plant

A big plant can cover several sins, but it has to be a really big plant. You can't have a little sliver of a lily in a vase and expect it to properly disguise marks, dents or cracks on a wall. You have to go all out with a cheese plant or something of similar size.

Floor Coverings

So you've got one scratched panel of wood flooring or a kitchen tile with a dent in it. We can all agree it's not worth replacing the entire floor just for one glitch, but it's still the glitch you find yourself focusing on every time you enter the room. So will modern rugs and floor coverings do the job? Of course they will; if they cover the area, they are one of the most inconspicuous ways of hiding problems - and they can look great too.

Framed Pictures

Kids' hand prints on the wall and don't fancy repainting anytime soon? Framed pictures or photos are a good idea, but bear in mind you might be creating more problems than you're fixing. Rather than making holes in the wall you will later have to deal with, try specialist strips which can hold the weight of a picture without permanently changing the wall.

Table Cloths

If you've got scratches on your dining table, why not just leave a tablecloth on all the time? Unfortunately, there's plenty of reasons: it ruins the aesthetic of the table and just creates more washing. A far better option is to use vases of flowers or other ornaments, placed strategically to cover the scratches. No one ever needs to know that they're there.

With a bit of clever thinking and arranging, you can cover the areas of your home that aren't quite up to the quality you hope for. Or, you can use dim lighting so no one can see anything. What could possibly go wrong with an idea like that...?

Yeah, it’s not going to work. Sorry!

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