Make the Most of Your Maternity Leave

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Maternity leave goes by in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re nursing your brand new baby and the next you’re seeing if you can still fit into your favourite work dress and fretting about leaving your baby with the childminder. That is why it’s so important that you make the most of your maternity leave. Here are some idea for doing just that:
Snuggle Your Baby
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By far the best way to spend the majority of your maternity leave entitlement is snuggling your baby. Kiss, cuddle, smell and play with your baby as much as you can. You’ll never get those first months back and the memories of all the time you spent bonding will get you through those tough first few weeks back at work.
Visit the Park
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Long walks in the park with your baby will stop you from feeling isolated, ensure you and baby get plenty of fresh air and help your brain and body recover from the traumas of childbirth. Not only that, but maternity leave is one of the few times when you’ll be free to walk and enjoy nature at leisure, so don’t waste the opportunity.
Take Up a Hobby
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Have you always wanted to read the Russian classics or try your hand at oil painting? Use your maternity leave to give it a go. Obviously, most of your time will be spent with baby, but there will be blocks of time when your little one is sleeping or spending time with grandma when you can finally get around to trying the hobby you’ve never had time for before.
Update Your Wardrobe
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Your body changes after going through a pregnancy and giving birth, so your maternity leave is the perfect time to go through your wardrobe and upgrade your maternity clothes for something more flattering.

Do Some Bulk Cooking
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In the weeks before you head back to work, it could be a good idea to spend some time in the kitchen preparing healthy meals. Cook soups, curries and stews in bulk so that you will always have a healthy meal on hand when you get home from work, enabling you to spend as much time as possible with your little one.
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It may seem indulgent, but spending a good bit of your maternity leave just resting and doing nothing more than painting your nails or watching your latest guilty pleasure on Netflix is time well spent. Having a baby and looking after a newborn is quite draining, after all.
Declutter Your Home
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Babies tend to come with a lot of stuff. So, if your house is starting to feel more like a dumping ground than a cozy family home, spend a few days decluttering and organizing your stuff, so that you can always find what you want quickly, taking the stress out of home life.
Socialize with Other Mums
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Perhaps most importantly, you should use some of your maternity leave to attend playgroups and events where you can meet other mums, get support and make lifelong friendships.

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