Shut the Front Door! What Is Your Door Saying About You?

First impressions count for a lot. There’s no doubting that judgement of a lot of things crops up in everybody’s daily life - whether it’s taking in what somebody is wearing, thinking that another’s opinion expressed on social media is a load of tosh or expressing concern for a workmate that’s off sick after a night out the previous day - judgement is in everything.

When it comes to your house, the outside is always the first impression that somebody will get. Your front garden or the entrance to your home can say a lot about you … but what does your door say?

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Brightly Painted Wooden Door

You are giving the image that what is inside is just as wacky as the outside - you are preparing your guests before they cross the threshold. Vibrant colours like oranges and yellows indicate a happy home without even having to try and raise a smile at the door; warm colours can have an immediate effect on a person’s mood, and this could be the only bright point on an otherwise drab street (dependent upon where you live, of course).

White Plastic Door

Practical and does the job; what a door should be for. You’re not too fussed about going to town on the upkeep of an object, as it can be wiped and won’t need priming every year unlike a wooden door. You know that it will be safe and everybody else can see that too; especially burglars, as doors made from polycarbonate plastic are one of the hardest to break in through. These front doors often have windows in them, which will make it easier for an intruder to look through, but you can get them without.

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Traditional Wooden Door

Whether windowless or not, a traditional wooden door gives a classy tone to the outlook of your property. Often selected as a period feature on older buildings, they are increasingly becoming more popular as an element of style rather than practicality. It shows that consideration has gone into keeping in line with the theme and the times in relation to your house, and if made of a solid, thick wood like oak will also prove to be harder to break down - after all, these original doors were designed to be axe-proof to intruders way back when.

Stable Door

No, this doesn’t indicate that you are a horse or some other farm animal. It shows that you are dainty, quaint and practical to some extent. Usually referred to as hatch doors, they are seen on farmhouses and cottages around the country and are extremely useful in letting in a breeze without letting everybody else in by opening the top hatch in summer. You rarely see the bottom hatch open by itself, but they can be locked together so they move as one - you won’t have to be opening them individually all the time.

Straw Door

The Big Bad Wolfis coming over to blow your house down any minute now. Run and take cover!

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