Time to Talk

The first Thursday of February marks Time to Talk day - this year it has fallen on Feb 2.
The aim of time to talk day is to get people sharing their stories of mental health, talking about mental health - breaking that stigma that follows.

Time to Change is the charity behind Time to Talk day, there is so much information, resources and handy hints in how to get conversations going. Reality is 1 in 4 people have mental health problems, I myself being that 1 in 4, having been diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety. I am very guilty of not speaking out most of the time. 

Stuck on how to get the conversation started ? 
Here are 5 handy tips from Time to Change:

  • Get some fresh air with someone and see how they’re doing
  • Go grab a drink with someone and have a chat
  • Share with someone the thing that makes you smile the most. This is a good one to to do online
  • Get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to for a while and ask how they are
  • Find out what someone does to unwind on a tough day

I am going to attempt to try some of these throughout the day. 
If you have tried out something too, maybe pop over to facebook and let me know! 
Would love to share the news.

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