What We Can Learn from the Animal Kingdom

In our busy, urban lives, the animal kingdom we perceive as remote from our existences, even though regardless of where you live - even in the big cities - there will be a thriving wildlife population. Well, thriving might be pushing it a little, but they’re doing their best. Aside from simply watching Planet Earth and being amazed at the wonderful things the animals across the earth are getting up to (though that’s recommended too!), we should look at what we can actually learn from the animal kingdom - and then incorporate that knowledge into our own lives. Because we have to learn some somewhere, why not penguins and co?


We are Animals

We elevate ourselves above the rest of the animal kingdom because we’re super duper smart (we really are; in some ways, at least - completely stupid in others), but we’re as related to penguins as penguins are to giraffes. We’re all animals, just some of us operate in different ways. And you shouldn’t deny it. We will never be perfect. We’ll always be complicated by the range of natural human emotions, just as African cichlids will always be territorial and black bears will will abandon their cub if it doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. So allow yourself to feel the full range of human emotions, whatever they are, because to do anything otherwise will only cheapen your human experience.

Living Naturally

Take a look at any animal and observe what they’re doing. Does a salmon do anything other than be a salmon? Does a lion worry about how it’ll be viewed by other lions across the world? It’s all too easy to get swept up in the sea of human progress, but if it doesn’t feel right to you, then you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s your duty as a human being to be whatever it is that feels right to you. You can’t be everything - so don’t try to be perfect in every sphere.

Going the Extra Mile To Get What You Want

That being said, that doesn’t mean you have license to just sit around and do nothing. That’s not what humans are made to be, either. Once you’ve located something that you really want, throw yourself into it with all the strength you can muster. The animal kingdom is a brutal world, but that’s what pushes the animals who want to be a success carry on through unbearable, difficult situations. In the end, they get what they strive for - if you’re operating at 40% effort, crank it up and see where it takes you.

Taking Your Share

To be fair, most animals would take far more than just their share if they were able to. We’re living proof of that. Still, animals exist on what they need, not fabricated desires and things like that. Strip back your life and see what you actually need, and ignore the rest. As leaders of the world, humans have a responsibility to ensure it’s left in a good shape for future generations and all of earth’s inhabitants.

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