Why You Should Move To The Country

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There is something special about living in a city and it’s important for everyone to experience a little city life at some point.  However when having children, stepping back from the bright lights of london might be the best thing you can do for them.  

Family time is incredibly special and there was a period in our history were all children grew up and knew how to play, in recent times with the huge rise of technology, our children are becoming less able to use their imaginations and more dependent on Tv, computer games and outside influences to make them happy.  It’s so sad to sit with a group of children and see them struggling to invent world’s of their own or, get huge pleasure from simply reading a book.

Another missing element to family life is the ease of growing your own vegetables, eating what nature provided and being able to throw on some wellies and walk out of your front gate into the middle of nowhere.  

We need a balance of the two, children need to get dirty and one of the best things you can do for your young family is getting back to nature at it’s very rawest. Take some time to read our blog on Country Living after you finish this article

If you work in a town centre it could be hard to commute.  Some of us may be lucky to afford a second home where we can escape on the weekends.  If you don’t have available funds to do this, you could look at what country living is like within a 45 minute commute.  You would be amazed how much green there is just a few miles out of the urban areas.  Travel networks are better than they have ever been and there are loads of incentives for cutting the cost of your commute.

Finding a house can be hard and you should work with a good estate agent who understands your needs and, importantly, your budget.  Encourage them to select a few houses that fit your demands but also allow them to show you a bit of a wild card.  Often we aren’t sure what we want until we see it, so it could be good to be shown the potential of something we may have overlooked.
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It’s important to have a great team to help and you will need to find a Solicitor or Conveyancer early on to make the transition more efficient.

Don’t stick where you chose to live when you were single.  Get adventurous and offer your family a beautiful, fresh and green lifestyle where they can experience both the support of a small community and learn to be street savvy with lots of city experiences.  

Whilst a commute can seem a little laboured at times, being able to have a longer trip home to your own little paradise will help put you in a better frame of mind than heading straight home to your jam packed city dwelling.  

Get outdoors, get dirty and eat well!

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