Alternative Ways to Light up Your Home

Are your bored of the lighting in your home? Are you bored of the same-old light fittings and lampshades you buy every time it’s time for a change? If so, then you’ve come to the right place, because below is a comprehensive lowdown of some the coolest, most creative, funkiest and alternative ways to light up your home.
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Your home should reflect your personality, and you can do just that by way of the lighting you choose for it. If you find that you are a person that is more suited to and comfortable with a contemporary and modern lifestyle, then there are a plethora of lighting options out there to choose from. One of which is the ColoredSHAPE, a Sabrina Fossi design. It combines the classic bedside table lamp shade look with a contemporary wall mounted style, it is a space saving lamp (for all you minimalists out there), and it takes its inspiration from pop art. Another option is the EGGlight — a portable LED lamp that doesn’t have to remain stuck in one area and can change the light it gives to suit the mood; perfect for those of you who hate to remain stuck in one place and are prone to fluctuate in moods throughout the day, or for those who like to change things around their home frequently.

But if the contemporary style just doesn’t match your personality, and being at one with nature does, then there are also a host of choices to choose from. To bring elements of the great outdoors inside with you, then why not go for an LED Pear Light. The ‘pears’, which are the lightbulbs, hang down from a hand-forged steel tree — as they do, they charge up so that they can survive when you take them off to guide you as you go in search of midnight snacks. There are also such a thing as a light that mimics the style of water dripping from a tap. The only difference is, it isn't water that is dripping, it is a Liquid Light. They would look perfect in the bathroom, and wouldn’t look amiss in high-end and fancy hotels. However, the best choice of all when it comes to wanting ‘natural’ lighting in your house, is to actually go for natural lighting. A great option when it comes to letting in the natural lights of the outside world into your home is to invest in roof lights. They open up your ceiling area and allow for the rays of the sun to shine through it and can be anything from windows for flat roofs to roof lanterns. If going completely au natural is your desire, then this could be your option.

So, you don’t have to settle with the same style of lampshade or chandeliers that have adored your home for years: you can spice things up by introducing styles lighting to your home that is has never had the privilege to be lighten up by before in the past.

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