Borderline Genius Kitchen Hacks You Need In Your Life

If there’s one room in the home that can make you feel slightly idiotic, it’s the kitchen. We learn how to use the bathroom and the bedroom early on in our lives: but the kitchen is a lifelong project that constantly throws new challenges our way.

We all know, if we’re honest with ourselves, that our attempts to spiralize courgettes don’t always go to plan. We also know that no matter how hard we try, we’re simply unable to dice a clove of garlic the way that Jamie Oliver can.

With that said, it’s clear that we’re in need of some help in the kitchen. Here are some borderline genius hacks to help you out.

Peel Ginger With A Spoon
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Peeling ginger isn’t easy. All those irregular bumps and nodules make it a lot hard than most people expect. But there is an easy solution: next time you’re in the kitchen peeling ginger, pick up a spoon and use it to scrape across the surface. You’ll quickly find that the skin comes off and you don’t end up wasting big chunks of the wonder root like you would if you tried to peel it with a knife.

Turn Your Kitchen Into A Factory Line
One of the reasons people don’t cook from scratch more in the kitchen is because chopping and preparing food takes so much time. In most cases, however, people are wasting time when it comes to chopping. The key here is to do just one task at a time before moving onto the next. Suppose, for instance, you’re chopping up a bunch of onions to put into a lentil cottage pie. Instead of peeling chopping and putting each onion into the pan one at a time, peel all the onions, then chop then all and then bung all of them in the pan. This will stop you from wasting time moving between your worktop, bin and pan.

Make All Your Surfaces Non-Porous
Nothing is more annoying that having a dirty, smelly kitchen. It puts you off cooking and makes you just want to bung a ready meal in the microwave and be done with it. Hi Macs kitchen worktops are a type of work surface that ensure that your kitchen remains as clean as possible, with minimal scrubbing. Unlike many kitchen surfaces, these acrylic-based surfaces are non-porous, meaning that water and bacteria can’t penetrate the surface. All in all, this means that cleaning is a breeze and you won’t have to spend our scrubbing them to get rid of the smell of rotting food.

Put Your Vinaigrettes In A Kebab Van Ketchup Bottle
Kebab van ketchup bottles might not be the most inspiring idea in principle, but in practice, they can be a lifesaver. If you’ve ever bought vinaigrette from the store, you’ll have noticed that it usually comes in big glass bottles with a screw cap on top. While this might look authentic on the shelf, it’s not exactly practical, plus it’s usually very expensive.
A better solution is to make your own using a kebab van ketchup bottle. Fill it up with oil and vinegar, and then squeeze it evenly over your entire salad. Easy.

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