Copenhagen Off The Beaten Track

Heading off the beaten track is something many of us like to do on our holidays. We are so overexposed to typical tourist attractions, especially in very famous locations, that sometimes going to see them in person can actually be a bit tiresome. This does sound a little entitled, of course, but depending on what time of year you go away, some of the major attractions can actually end up causing you more hassle than they are worth. During peak times (usually during school holidays) most major attractions get booked up within minutes, and even then the queues can be huge and unrelenting. If you're desperate to visit a specific attraction, then all this may well be worth it. But if you would like a more authentic experience of the place you have chosen to visit, it may be better for you to go slightly off the beaten track. Take Copenhagen, for example - one of the most popular holiday destinations of late. Here is a small snapshot of what you can do off the beaten track in the Danish capital.
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Freetown Christiania

If getting out of regular civilization and seeing how other people live is your kind of thing, you have struck gold with Freetown Christiania. It is an alternative, hippy commune not far from Copenhagen city center, that was set up in the 1970s by a group of like-minded individuals. Despite original opposition from the government at that time, Christiania is now largely left alone by the authorities, after the two came to an agreement in 2011. The small town is completely car-free, and you cannot buy a house there; you have to apply for one, and if you meet certain criteria, one is given to you. There is always plenty going on, from live music to brilliant street food and even a local market.

The Vesterbro

As far as artsy and quirky neighborhoods go, nowhere does it better than the Vesterbro. Located in the southwest of the city, this area was once known for being a heavily working class neighborhood, and was even famed for its red-light district! Now, however, it is a hip and trendy place full of independent eateries, cafes, and attractions. There are also plenty of cool places to stay, so if you are looking for hotels in copenhagen denmark look no further than here!  Simply spend some time wandering the streets and seeing what you can come across - there is plenty of local street art to admire, or you could head to Warehouse9, an art gallery in the old meatpacking district.

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Assistens Cemetery

Okay, so a cemetery may not be your usual choice of places to visit while you are on vacation. But give this one a chance! The Assistens Cemetery is famed for its incredible beauty, and you can easily spend an afternoon whiling away the hours here. It is especially popular with locals in the summer, when many come for an after-work stroll. It is also a good place to brush up on your history, as many famous Danes are buried here. You can see the final resting places of famous names like the author Hans Christian Andersen, and the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.

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