Easy Tricks To Modernise An Old Home

Whether you’ve just moved into a Victorian terraced house or you’re looking to give a rustic cottage a little more bite before you sell, there are countless ways you can make a dated home more modern and attractive. While older homes carry their own unique charm and warmth, sometimes they can feel more haunting than quaint. If you want to modernise an older property, here are some easy tricks to consider…
Hang Some Contemporary Art
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Note that I say “contemporary”, not “modern”. Searching for these two things will bring up some very different results. Contemporary art, when juxtaposed with the permanent design elements of a more traditional house, can be extremely striking. For the best results, find artwork that will bounce off and complement your existing furnishings. Sticking to this rule will open your eyes to all kinds of foolproof ideas.
Stack Those Books
This one may sound too simple to be worth the trouble, but believe me, it makes a difference! Traditionally, books are always displayed vertically. By stacking more of yours horizontally, you’ll add a potent dash of modernism to any space. If you don’t want to totally smother the rustic aesthetic, then try a combination. If you want to go super-modern on the other hand, use several stacks, with a decent amount of space between them.
Use More Solids
You don’t have to be a professional interior decorator to know that too many intricate patterns will make anyone in the home think of their grandma. If you’re looking for another quick trick to modernise your rustic space, using more solids is a great one to bear in mind. Architectural ironmongery for door handles and other features, in combination with solid, neutral colours and a general lack of intricate patterns, will all make an indoor space appear instantly more modern. These features also make a good backdrop for unique, shapely pieces of furniture.
Be Transparent
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Whether it’s a glass bar cart, an acrylic chandelier, or a humble coffee table, adding some more transparent materials will also breathe more contemporary minimalism into your home d├ęcor. If you’ve got a lot of upholstered furniture and dark woods in your living room that are making your home feel even older than it is, then more transparent materials will blend right in, and take some of the dour weight out of these pieces.
Brighten it Up
One of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh an old space – or any space for that matter, is to integrate brighter colours. You should always start off somewhere with a versatile background colour, such as white or grey. Then, you can start playing around with canary yellows, sky blues, and soft, mint greens. This will not only make the most of the natural light getting into the space, but will also give the whole place a more youthful, modern look.
If you’re getting tired of the interiors in your old home, then follow some of these tips. Simple changes can make all the difference when it comes to modernising an old home.

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