Love Sparks: The 5 Stages Of Relationships

Have you ever wondered why some relationships stand the test of time while others fizzle out and end?

It’s probably because all relationships go through the same stages. Even though we may think that we are all completely different and unique, we are all still only human, and our behaviour in these types of situations always ends up fairly similar. After all, we’re all pretty much programmed the same way!

So, are you currently wondering what course you should expect your relationship to go on? Here are the five big stages.

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The Honeymoon Period

We’ve all been through the honeymoon period! You meet someone when out on a night out or find someone on one of the many free dating sites and instantly fall head over heels for them. You have lots of dreamy and romantic dates, and will probably continually think about them when you aren’t with them. This is always a fun time to share with a partner. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always stay like this...

The Period Of Disillusion

After a while, you may start to doubt your partner and relationship. You could ask yourself why this person would want to be with you, and you could start getting anxious about them getting up and leaving at any given moment. This is also the time when your partner’s quirks and habits might start to get on your nerves. For instance, you could quickly get sick of him leaving the lid off the toothpaste tube or leaving the toilet seat up! Sadly, it is at this point some couples decide to call it a day.


You will find that you start to argue a lot more in the period of disillusion. But all of this anger and annoyance should eventually subside, and you will make it to the stability stage. This is when you come to terms with one another’s differences, and start to really appreciate one another. You will realise just how much you love one another, and this love will be a lot bigger than what it once was in the honeymoon period.

To Commit Or Not To Commit?

Eventually, things will start to hot up and get serious. You will have now got over any feelings of cold feet completely. You will also start to feel a lot more independent in your relationship. You won’t mind if your partner goes out for a night with his friends and, likewise, he won’t mind if you enjoy a night with your girlfriends. That’s because you are both completely committed to one another.

The Blissful Period

Finally, the last stage. You will now succumb fully to your relationship and decide to take it to the next level. You might want to move in together and, you never know, your partner might soon get down on one knee to propose! It is at this point that you can happily know that your relationship should last a lifetime!

Not every love lasts for an entire lifetime. If you get to the blissful period, you know you’re one of the lucky ones!

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