Victorian Terrace? Here's How You Can Make The Most of Your Concrete Yard

Victorian terraces are beautiful old houses. They have gorgeous high ceilings which give a light and open feel, and they’re full of character too. It’s not uncommon to uncover original tiles, fireplaces, and other charming delights when you start peeling back the layers. But there’s one major problem with most Victorian terraces, and that’s the garden space. Often they have tiny concrete yards, made even smaller by the fact that the majority have had extensions built which house the bathroom and kitchen. If you love your home but are left feeling uninspired when it comes to the yard, here are just a few ideas to help you get it perked up in time for spring.

Lay Decking
Decking is a fantastic choice for small and large gardens alike. Both hardwood and softwood can be good choices- it looks smart, adds value and is an excellent way to add interest to the space. You could add a decked ‘stage’ to one corner of the yard to house a small table and chairs. Alternatively you could put it outside of the back door to create a patio area. It helps to break up the bland concrete, and gives you separate areas even though you don’t have much room to work with.

Consider Astro Turf
If your yard is concreted over, getting real grass to grow can be an issue. It needs at least six inches of soil depth, meaning you’d need to break up the concrete and whatever else is underneath (usually bricks) to the depth of six inches. Instead, you can get the same vibrant green for much less hassle with astro turf. It’s still soft to sit on and really livens up a bland space but with none of the maintenance. If you’re not sold on the idea of artificial grass, shale or pea gravel is a great way to cover the concrete and can make the whole area look much more attractive.

Plenty of Potted Plants
A sure way to brighten up the blandest, most uninspired spaces is with flowers. You could add pots of vibrant blooms, or grow climbing plants up trellises to add more greenery. Since you don’t have a ton of space to work with, you could hang planters on walls and fences and fill these up with pretty flowers too. If you plant seeds and bulbs that flower at different times of year you’ll always have colour but without having to constantly buy plants.

Add a Water Feature
Victorian terraces are usually found in busy towns and cities. Therefore you’re probably used to the traffic droning by, and general noise that comes from living in a more populated area. Adding a water feature can help to drown this out, when you sit outside you can listen to trickling water instead. You won’t have space for anything too large, but a small flowing feature can look nice and bring a lot of benefit to the garden.

Do you live in a Victorian terrace and struggle with your small concrete yard? Or do you live in a home with a small garden?

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