Love Walking Holidays? Visit Cornwall

The UK is a pretty spectacular place for walking holidays. No matter what the weather - rain or shine - it’s possible to head out into the countryside or coastline and see incredible views, breathe in fresh air, and experience everything that the country has to offer. And one of the best places for walking trips away is, without a doubt, in the southwestern county of Cornwall. Want to know more? The read on to find out everything you need to know about this spectacular region of the country.

The Coast

Regular readers of my blog will already know how much I love coastal walks. And in my opinion, there is nowhere better than the northern coastline of Cornwall for the perfect mix of rugged, rocky pathways and gentle, undulating hills. Try the Constantine Bay to Porthcothan if you have time on your hands. You will take in some spectacular sights, walk through sheltered, sandy beaches and craggy coastlines. Make sure to make a quick pitstop at the Porthcothan stores to refresh yourself. Then, you can either return back to Constantine or, for the more adventurous amongst you, head on to Harlyn Bay.

The beaches

Cornwall is renowned for having some of the best beaches in the country. Youngsters like to flock to the perfect surf of Newquay, but if you are prepared to travel further afield, you should check out Sennen Cove, Vault Beach, and explore the headlands around Perranporth. The truth is, whichever beaches you go to in Cornwall, spectacular walks are surrounding it. Pretty much everywhere has its own unique features, from golden sand dunes through to rocky, hidden caves.

The Moors

First of all, no trip to Cornwall is complete without a walking trip across Bodmin Moor. It’s an incredibly inspiring place that is full of mountainous areas and deep, water-filled valleys that are like nowhere else in the country. Just don't forget your rain jackets on your treks. Bodmin is perfect for people with all kinds of walking abilities, from those who just want a stroll to the more hardened hiker looking for a new challenge. And if you do get the chance, make sure you set out early enough to catch the famous Bodmin mist that creates an incredibly spooky and visceral experience. Just hope you don’t end up meeting the Beast of Bodmin!


It’s easy to forget that there is a lot of land between the coasts of Cornwall. While most tourists flock to the beaches and shores, plenty is going on in the countryside. The walk from St. Tudy to Wetherham takes in beautiful, rolling hills, and it’s a little like taking a step back in time. For those feeling a bit more ambitious, why not try a coast-to-coast route? You can make your way from Padstow in the north, through Bodmin and the Tamar Valley, and end up in Looe in the southeast.

Have you been to Cornwall for a walking holiday? Or, is there another region in the UK that you prefer? If so, why not share your experiences by leaving a comment in the section below?

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