Preparing Your Car For A Roadtrip

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Got a roadtrip planned this summer? Before you hit the road, it’s important to prepare your vehicle and your passengers for the journey ahead. Here’s a quick guide for all those wanting a smooth drive.

Carry out maintenance checks

Depending on how long you plan your roadtrip to be, it may be worth giving your vehicle a service so that you can catch any potential faults early in the bud. A roadtrip takes you vehicle to it’s limits, so ensure everything is in tip top condition.

Ensuring your battery is charged up is essential, especially if you’re going to charging phones and GPS and using radio en route. A solar battery charger may be worth investing in.   
Make sure that your tyres are full pumped up and that your brake pads aren’t too worn. It could be worth buying fresh tyres and brake pads if you’re going to be travelling for days at a time, especially in the heat.

Accessorise your interior

Buying a few accessories in advance can make your journey a little less tedious and a little more comfortable. There are all kinds of travel gifts for men that can help out on the road such as flasks and card holders. There are also various travel bags and travel mirrors more catered for women.

For keeping kids occupied, it’s worth bringing some toys. You may also want to pack travel cushions and blankets for napping. Also remember to pack travel sickness pills if anyone on board suffers from car sickness.

Take some time to give the interior a nice clean before setting off. Give your upholstery a hoover and wash floor mats and seat covers where possible.

Embrace apps

Your smartphone can be a lifesaving tool when on a car journey. Not only can you use it as a GPS, you may be able to download other apps that can bring further convenience to your journey.

Gasbuddy is one such app that can compare the price of all gas stations in your area. This can be great for saving costs on your trip. There are also various vehicle diagnostics apps that can measure your performance and have you driving more economically as well as notifying you of potential faults popular with your make of car. There are also many car game apps for keeping the kids entertained in the back.

Make regular stops

Regular stops are important for getting fuel, getting food and stretching one’s legs, but there are other reasons you should be stopping regularly too. Your concentration will start to drop after two hours, which could lead to slower reactions. It might also not be healthy for the car battery and engine if you’re driving for hours on end each day. Yes, driving non-stop might get you to your destination sooner, but it might not be good for you or your vehicle. Leave earlier so that you’re not in a rush and make the most of your stops by scheduling places to visit along the way.  

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