Stop Tap-Dancing Around Your Tap Problems

To be fully comfortable within a home, having a bathroom that you actually like going into needs to be a priority. This doesn’t just come down to how good it looks, either. A bathroom that isn’t doing what it should, that’s having problems whether in the water or the air, is one that you can’t tolerate.

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Low water pressure
It’s a common issue and one that can have a lot of causes. For one, it might be a temporary effect of a lot of people in the area using their water all at once. But the plumbing in the home pipes might be the reason for an all-day reduction in water pressure. Check your pipes. See if they’re suffering from any corrosion, if they have a partially closed stop tap that you could easily open with a screwdriver, or if there are any leaks worst of all. If none of those seem to be the case, you might need to get onto your water suppliers.
Tapped out
Your issues with the water might very well be at the taps themselves. If taps are leaking or they’re not turning very easily, then you might not necessarily need to replace them wholesale. Instead, the rubber washer inside the tap might have been damaged. That can stop the tap from turning easily. But if it happens again, especially in hot taps, you might need some boiler repairs done. A common cause of frequent tap malfunction is when the hot water running through them is simply too hot. Heat breaks the elasticity of rubber which means your tap can get locked in position. If you’re replacing taps time and time again without asking why they’re breaking down, you are missing an opportunity to save hundreds.
Too much damp
Leaking pipes, overflowing taps, they all contribute to a very serious problem in the bathroom. Damp and mould have a serious impact on air quality, which can lead to or make worse respiratory conditions like asthma. Besides fixing any problems causing leaks, you need to look at improving airflow in the bathroom so damp has less chance to grow. If you don’t have an extractor, install one now. Don’t frame windows with heavy curtains that catch moist air and stop it from circulating out the window.
Blocked toilets
Most people can unblock most kinds of toilet blockages. A bit of elbow grease and a plunger will do most of the work. If that doesn’t work, however, you might need to reach into the pipes with a snake to work out blockages that are deeper inside. If that still doesn’t work, then you need to look at where your drainage goes outside. If you share a sewage drain with the neighbourhood, then your water provider might have to unblock it for free. If not, it’s best to pay for someone who can get it unblocked with the right tools.
It’s easy to not quite notice the problems sharing your bathroom with you. It’s worth doing a monthly check-up of the room. The problems that might seem little when mentioned above can be symptomatic of greater issues or they can grow to do serious damage. Damage that could cost you a lot of money.

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