What You Need To Know Before Moving Abroad

If you’re a traveller at heart, falling in love with new cities and countries is a familiar feeling. However, there might be one place that stays in your heart long after you’ve returned home. It calls out to you in a way that you thought only home ever could. One day, you may decide to listen to that call and move to that place permanently.
Making the decision to move abroad is difficult, scary, but also exciting. However, it is also a lot of hard work. As well as the packing, finding a place to live, and sorting out work, if you don’t already have something lined up, there are several things you need to sort out before you hop on a plane and leave forever. Here is a quick checklist to help you make sure you’ve got everything sorted.
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If you’re moving for a job, some of these might be sorted for you already. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to check how your finances will be travelling with you. It’s better to chose a local bank, as the cost of transferring funds will soon add up.
Tax Requirements
Just because you’re moving to another country, doesn’t mean you’re automatically not a British citizen. Notify the tax authorities (i.e. HMRC) in the UK that you are planning to leave, otherwise you may have to pay additional taxes which, as an expat, you are exempt from. You may also be liable for tax on your income, or you could also opt to keep receiving interest income for your savings. Do your research so you know which forms you will need to fill out.
Moving to a new country is not as quick and easy as it seems in the films. You will be filling out official visa and passport forms for your current country of residence and your intended one.  You’ll need to make copies of every important document you have ever signed and every policy and legal document (will, power of attorney, etc.) you have in your name. You must jump through the hoops of global money transfers, submitting new tax information to the authorities, obtaining necessary health clearances, and, if you are bringing along family members or pets, arranging for them to have the proper documentation (and quarantine arrangements, for non-humans) to accompany you. Don’t do this by yourself. Consult immigration experts, such as Ashwood Solicitors, to make sure you haven’t missed anything that could cause you problems later.
Shipping vs Storage

If there’s any chance you’ll be returning after a year or two, then you may prefer to put some of your things in storage instead of selling everything you’re not taking with you. Obviously, you can’t take everything with you either - the cost of shipping could run into the thousands as it stands - but you don’t want to be overpaying for storage. Ask your friends and family if they wouldn’t mind storing a few items for you, in order to save yourself a few pounds.

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