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We all have a creative side. It’s just that some of us hide it far better than others. While a few of us are happy to sing, dance, paint, and act, others prefer to keep that side of them locked away, not even necessarily aware of its existence. But it’s always there, simmering under the surface, waiting to be released. And why wouldn’t you release it? If it’s another string to your bow, why not go for it? Many people will say that they don’t have an imaginative or creative bone in their body, but the response to that is that everyone is born with creativity, but the school system is more geared towards intellectualism than creativity. Here’s how to get your creative juices flowing, even as an adult.
Imagination is freed through experience. The more we see and do, the more sights to witness, odours we smell, and people the meet, the more our imagination can reach out to new expanses. You don’t need to find your creativity in a formal way, if you don’t want to. Exploring the world, feeling the freedom of new experiences, and looking at the world through new eyes can breed the most incredible creativity. It’s all in the mindset.
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Take a class
When you’re used to being taught everything you know in a formal setting, the idea of cutting loose from your responsibilities for a while to go out there and experience new things can be daunting, to the extent that it feels impossible. But that isn’t the only way we can awaken our creative side. A far more structured way is through classes, such as piano lessons or a weekly life-drawing class. These give us a structured way to learn how to let our creativity flow in a more formal and constructive setting.
Dip your finger in many pies
Part of the fun of learning a new skill is finding the skill right for you. Make the most of taster sessions and free trials. After all, you don’t have to commit to anything you don’t enjoy. So visit dance schools, art classes, and music teachers and give everything a go before you decide what to go with. You never know, you might be a natural at something you never even considered before.
Take risks
Creativity, whether it’s a piece of art, a piece of music, or travelling the world, is all about taking a calculated risk. When you’re completing a piece of art, every time you add a new colour, a new shape, or a new dimension to the piece, you miss irrecoverably ruining it, but you take the risk anyway. When you’re learning a new instrument, you try to play harder and harder pieces, and you constantly risk making a mistake, but you do it for the sake of improving. Whatever you do, take risks - it’s the only way you’ll ever become the best you can be.
Everyone has a creative side; you just have to find a way to channel those creative juices, and discover what you’re amazing at.

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